Why Havent I Felt Anything

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Meagan - August 23

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and due on December 21. I have not felt any movements from my baby at all. I went to the doctor last week and they listened to the heart beat and it was 155. I don't know what is going on.


Brandy - August 23

Hi Meagan, there are alot of factors that play into feeling your baby. First off, is this your first? I know that I was feeling my little boy for some time but didn't realize it. Also, sometimes maternal size can affect it. The larger you are the harder it can be. Hang in there. Mine gets to moving in the evening and after orange juice (he likes the sugar). However, some days I feel him more than others. I am also 22 weeks and at this stage they can still move into areas where you might not feel them. If they heard the heartbeat, then the baby is fine. They do not even worry about movement till after 27-28 weeks.


Meagan - August 23

thanks brandy, yes this is my first child. I was big in the stomach before i got pregnant so that could be the reason also.


Dani - August 23

My Dr. said that they dont worry untill around 26 wks :) Chin up :) I know when i felt movement it was strange to me that,that is really what it was. Its not really a distinct feel, almost feels like gas bubbles :)


MM - August 24

With my first it seemed like forever when I finally felt her move. You have probably felt your baby and just not sure what you are feeling. Usually I feel my son move around after I get home and relax and lay down for a while. So dont stress. Sounds like heart beat is great also. I am 20w3d and at my 18 w appt our son was at 156 hb. So just lay down on the ground and the end of the day and read a book or something and soon you should feel a little something, kinda like gas bubbles like Dani said.


YC - August 24

Hi Meagan. I am 23 weeks and feel the same way. It is hard not to worry. This is my first also. I even went to the Dr. at 22 weeks because I was so concerned, she was moving around just fine on the ultrasound. I had some extra "cushion" in the stomach area as well so I know this may be part of the reason. Like everyone else has said as long as they hear a strong heartbeat the doctors are not concerned until about 26-28 weeks (according to my doctor). My doctor says that before that the movements are to sporadic to track. Apparently we will start doing kick counts after 28 weeks. The orange juice thing doesnt seem to work for me but it has for a lot of my friends. Usually when I am relaxing after work in the evenings watching t.v. I can feel a little movement. It doesnt feel like kicks like I was expecting, more like gas bubbles. I can't wait for the real kicks to begin. Good luck and try not to worry.


SaraL - August 24

I have a healthy happy 4 yr old... who I wish would move a little less right now... that I hardly felt a bit the ENTIRE pregnancy. Granted... with her I had 200+ lbs of padding on my 5'4' frame. With baby #2 now I started 60 lbs lighter (thank god for Weight Watchers) and I'm in week 16 and feel this baby moving and thumping around quite a bit. So if you've got extra 'padding' and it's your first baby - you might not feel much. Take a little tape recorder in to your next appointment and record the baby's heartbeat. Anytime you get nervous about not feeling anything, play your tape! Everything will be fine. :)


jodie - August 25

Hi Meagan, I didn't feel anything major until about a week or two ago. I am now 27 weeks. I was starting to get scared, then one day he just started letting me know he was there. He only moves a little bit now, but I sure know he's there. Good luck


YC - August 25

Thanks for the info SaraL. I rented a doppler a month or two ago so I use that every few days just for rea__surance. p.s. I will be the first one in line at Weight Watchers after this little one. COngrats on your weight loss. I definitely want to be smaller before I have the next one.


Michelle - August 25

i am the same way. I am 17 weeks and not feeling any movement yet. I told her with my first child I felt movement at 16 weeks. Anyow the point is, she said depending how the placenta is positioned it might take a while to feel movement. Little one has to kick harder to feel it through the placenta. That is what my doctor told me. Anyhow, I think I am starting to feel some movement, but its different feeling than with my daughter,,,,so I am not sure.



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