Why The Left Side

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ruth - June 7

Why is the solution always to lay on the left side with so many things during pregnancy? What's different from the left side to the right side?


Monica - June 7

From what I've been reading it's because your liver is on the right side of your body, and when you're pregnant and lying on that side you put alot of pressure on it (which isn't good). Left side is the 'safest' side I suppose. I'm not positive though, maybe someone else knows for sure?


Justine - June 8

I've heard lying on the left side maximises the blood supply to the baby.


D - June 8

You have a major artery to your lower body running through you left side. When the weight of the baby presses on this artery, it cuts off some of the blood supply.


KP - June 8

What about lying on the back would is fine? or I have to have to sleep on side.. I can not sleep in both sides…. Please help…


kimj - June 8

I was wondering the same thing.... I remember being told to lay of my left side if i am haning cramping or sometimes that can get the baby moving. I am having a hard time sleeping on my left side all night. I wake up so soar. For the last few weeks i will find myself rolling over to my right side and I always flip back over to the left. It is becoming uncomfortable to sleep on my back aswell. I just cant get cozy in bed anymore so I make sure Im really tired when I go to bed so hopefully i just fall asleep quick. The joys of being preggo!!! lol


chell - June 8

Laying on the left side takes all the pressure off the Vena carva which is the main artery to your heart. This increases blood flow to you and baby.


D - June 8

by laying on your back, you are still restricting some of this blood flow. I am laying on my back a little, as my left side keeps getting sore.... but as I get bigger, I suppose I'll have to stop doing that too... :-|


Erin - June 8

I went to the OBGYN the other day and there was a recent magazine which had an article regarding this. It stated that the reasons stated above are true but you shouldn't be concerened or overly excited if you lay or sleep on your back or right side. The article said that your baby is so comfy cozy and secure in there that sleeping other than on your left side shouldn't hurt it. UNLESS you have high blood pressure or could delvelop it. Just something to look into.... Erin


TX Girrrl - June 8

I've heard about this issue lately and have been wondering if it's just one more thing for us to worry about. Women have been having babies for thousands of years without knowing this rule. The phrase 'paralysis by a___lysis' keeps coming to mind. I'm going to ask my doctor at my next appt. about it. If he says not to worry, then I won't.


Jbear - June 9

I have high blood pressure, and I've noticed that when I sleep on my left side I weigh 5lbs less in the morning than I did before bed. Of course, I end up having to get up and pee about 3 times a night. Have any of you had trouble with your hip going numb when you lie on your side? It's driving me nuts.



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