Why The Nightmares

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Mommiex20803 - February 20

Alrighty well i know this isnt that good but there was a period of time i didnt take my prenatals because they made me feel like c__p...anyways i started taking them again now that im in my 2nd trimester and i dont feel sick anymore BUT i have noticed the past two nights i have taken them i have had nightmares....could my prenatals give me nightmares?? or am i just thinking too much about it...i mean these are nightmares that wake you up in the middle of the night freaked out lol...anyways has anyone else had this? or know what causes it?? please respond!! thanks!


krnj - February 20

Hi I've been having really crazy dreams. I don't really consider them nightmares they're just very vivid and weird. I think it's probably hormone related. Hope it gets better!


meleg79 - February 20

Come talk to ME about weird when you dream about having s_x with your 7th grade science teacher!! (what the heck!!??) :)


charlie red - February 23

just thought i'd let you no i'm 27 weeks and i keep havin seriously weird dreams too they are really vivid and sometimes nightmares. I can have up to our a night an i'm putting them down to hormones


suze42 - February 23

S_x dreams...I got 'em! I dreamt last night that I was making out w/Zach Braff from the show Scrubbs...I hardly even watch the show...But he was really hot in my dream. Why do I have no s_x drive but then have hot s_x dreams????


kimberly - February 23

I have also been having lots of strange dreams, like being trapped inside the longest house I have ever been in, suspended in the air. This house had doors everywhere and when I would open one it would be way up in the sky and there was no way to get out of this house, freaked me out! I have had many other strange dreams too, but that is the weirdest. I think it is just pregnancy. I have read about vivid dreams during pregnancy being a common thing.


wailing - February 24

I actually woke myself up twice last week screaming b/c of my nightmares. I have no idea where they are coming from, but I doubt it's the prenatals. I've been taking mine the whole time and I'm now at 24 wks. I was having the s_x dreams everyone is talking about last month...I hope those come back soon HAHA. As for the nightmares I think it's just the hormones and the millions of things that run through a preganant ladies head. Maybe try reading or watching something funny before u fall asleep? Sweet Dreams:)


Tracy88 - February 24

Don't quit taking your vitamins, the dreams are coincidental to you taking them. I am about 28 weeks and had a nightmare two nights ago. The kind that woke me up sweating. It's definitely just pregnancy causing them. I stopped taking my prenatals after the first trimester because I thought I was wonder woman, but just found out my iron is low. I have also been suffering from severe restless leg syndrome, which after reading about it, has been linked to iron deficiency of all things. 20% of pregnant women get it, so spare yourself and keep up with the vitamins. It is like systematic torture. Trust me, when you have something like that for over a month, it starts to take a toll on you and could have probably been prevented by simply taking a vitamin.


CodyKatie5 - February 24

I'm glad to know I am not the only one. I have had some of the "good" dreams lately (aka the s_xy ones). The other night it was with McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy. Anyways, last night I had a BAD NIGHTMARE, so much so that I woke up really disturbed and when I talked to my mom I started crying. In my nightmare, I had to deliver my baby (I'm only 17 wks) and they ended up doing a C-Section and when I asked where my baby was they said it was dead. As you can probably all imagine, that was just SO DISTURBING and I was crying so hard even in my dream. I have not had any complications w/my pregnancy at all. My mom said I probably had delivery on my mind because I went to visit my friend who had her son yesterday morning and being in that environment probably made me think about it. Anyways, when I fell back asleep, I had a "good" dream about my husband, so I really am thinking this is hormones. My mom says she had these kinds of dreams and nightmares when she was pregnant with me and my sister.


charee - February 25

Sooo crazy because i have the most, wild, crazy, vivid dreams also when i am pregnant (this is #2 and i had them with my 1st also). I have had a lot of different s_x dreams, lol but its funny that i never feel like that lately except for in my dreams. I too have also had some pretty HORRID nightmares, murder ones, QUITE a few.... i guess it must be hormones?? I did notice though a few of my dreams i put together that they were from something i had watched on tv the night before.... tooo too weird! Im glad i am not the only one murdering people, and cheating on my dh in my SLEEP when i would NEVER do those things and Never think about that c___p!!!


jenshim - February 26

Oh my...I am 15 wks and I have had the craziest, most bizarre dreams ever!! My hubby called me this morning asking if I was having bad dreams last night. I have woke him up crying, laughing, scared, you name it...I have done it all in the past weeks! From watching people get murdered, which was AWFUL to ghosts, to my young daughters getting pregnant, to being with my ex boyfriend with my hubby watching! All so strange and disturbing!! I have had dreams that I am in labor too early also, and that there are problems. I never dreamt like this before and they are so real! So I hear ya...it has to be hormones. CRAZY!!


c_baer19 - February 26

It's not the vitamins, it's just pregnancy. I have crazy dreams too, haha. =)


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

Ive always had crazy dreams, but being pregnant just intensfies them! I've had many dreams that my husband is leaving me, or that i've left the baby somewhere but couldnt remember, my all time favorite is the dream where my teeth fall out one by one.... The pre-natals aren't causing the bad dreams your hormones are..that and what you ate right before you went to bed!


Allisonc79 - February 27

I have read that dreaming about your teeth has to do with money (don't ask). I also have had a couple of bad dreams, that were so intense it left me feeling icky that next day. Like this morning I woke up from a nightmare, I didn't want my hubby to leave for work! It has to be from the emotional changes, I have felt them awake too.


AshleyandAverysmom - February 27

Ive read that about teeth too! For the third night in a row Ive dreamt my husband was leaving me..Hate that! The funny thing is we are fine, no problems! I think that when were prego , some of us including myself get insecure and nervous. I know that it is normal, but still can be scary. Heres to a dream free night!


wailing - February 27

I've hear that if your GRINDING your teeth at night it means that u are frusturated? Anyhow, going to sleep these nights is an adventure! I woke up this morning after dreaming about my baby ALL night! I can't believe how vivid everything is. In the dream, I forgot to feed her formula and started on solid foods too early, then when I did give her a bottle it was in a gla__s jar and I'd forget to burb her!!! Not to mention, I'm not even having a girl,....I'm having a little boy! But regardless, I still feel all the love I had for my little one, and now I'm even more impatient about his arrival!!!


Mommiex20803 - February 27




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