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sqeekers - October 23

Any moms or moms to be on the WIC program? If so have you noticed a difference in the treatment you get when getting your WIC stuff? I ask because I have been on WIC the past 2 months and normally shop at Wal-Mart since it is practically next door to me. Anyway, I have noticed that the cashiers and other employees are incredibly rude to me everytime I am there getting my WIC stuff, even if I am also buying a couple hundred dollars worth of other groceries. When I go in to buy stuff when I am not using the WIC vouchers I get treated completely different, smiles and conversation and just generally nicer. I sent an email to their corporate office today complaining about the treatment since it seems to be something that happens every single time. I was just curious what others were experience.


jennifer_33106 - October 23

I have been on WIC for 3 months now and yeah I have gotten that feeling every time I go to shop although not so much from employees but other people in line. . Maybe now since they are issuing everything out on cards it will be different. It is like people think WIC is degrading or somthing. I say $#%^ Em. haha And I hate hearing how people say, "my taxes are paying for that" yada yada. The way I look at it is that I still pay taxes and have been paying long enough that it is time for us to get a lil back. Just brush the dirt off your shoulder hun cuz that is all it is!!!


Cevvin - October 24

Ya totally different. But then it is totally different when you have a cute cuddly baby in the buggy as well. I always apologize since i use about 5 checks at once in the beginning of the month. Try to be nice so they dont grawl at me. Ha ha


sahm2alaj - October 24

There is an actual WIC store right next to the office were i pick up my checks so usually i will just use all the checks i can right away to avoid going to the grocery store. When I do have to go to the stores I will try to go at a less busy time (ie: weekdays) to avoid making other customers wait while i use my checks. What i hate is when the cashier questions what i am getting off the checks! UGH! As if i am trying to cheat my way into sneaking other items past them or something!



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