Will I Have A Hyperactive Child

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carol23 - May 15

My baby kicks so much I'm beginning to think there is something wrong. I asked my dr. if he will come out ok since he's kicking so much and she said he should be fine, then again she was kinda in a hurry. Should I be worried that he moves so much or is this normal? My husband is kinda fidgety so maybe that's why the baby's like that. I honestly don't know what to think. Has anyone experienced such an active baby and had the baby turn out just fine, not hyper, or anything?


drea - May 15

Carol....I was wondering the same thing, I hope someone can give you an answer. My little one is very active as well.


Erynn21 - May 15

The woman I work with said her daughter was always a little kicker and when she had her u/s's she'd always be wiggling all around. Now she is a very active young adult, but as a kid she was very active in every sport you can imagine, she just is an active person. My baby is like me so far she's active then goes to sleep. She even fell asleep when I had my u/s @ 19 weeks, she was moving all around then just got quiet, eventhough the tech was pushing on her and making me move. She's mellow then active. Who know's you could have a future pro athlete in there.


Susan W - May 15

My first was active, active, active. I never got a moment's peace. He came out awake, hardly slept, and has turned into a busy two year old. You'll be fine. But hyperactivity cannot be predicted from uterine activity level. Mine is not hyperactive, just busy.


kmwebber - May 15

When I was pregnant with my daughter the child seemed like she never stopped moving. She loved to crawl up into my ribs and when I'd push her down she go right back up. Determined little thing. When she was born she was moving all over the place she did not want to be wrapped up like a little burrito and hated being in confined spaces she hated the play pen. She just liked being out in the open. She had a little mind of her own. She is now 4 and very active she wants to do every sport. She is not hyper just very involved in everything. She is also very strong willed. I should of known she was going to be when she was constantly crawling back up into my ribs once I'd move her down. Everyday is an adventure with her and she makes me laugh everyday.



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