Will This Pass

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just__me - February 12

im 14 weeks pregnant with my first child. my boyfriend and i have been together for about a year. before i got pregnant we got along great, but recently, hes is driving me crazy!!! it is to the point where i do not even want to be around him, i do not want to talk to him, anything. forget about kissing him and the thought of having s_x with him really grosses me out! we are fighting all the time. i am wondering if this has happened to anyone else? how did they get through it??? how long did it last? did it go away after you had the baby? i need help and comfort to know this has happened to other people, that i am not going crazy!!!


jen327 - February 12

No, it is normal. I have been married for a long long time, and my DH and I are best friend, hardly ever fight, but lately I don't want him to touch me and he annoys me way more. It is hormones and will go away. Some people fall deeper in love, most of us just get annoyed. Have you ever heard people say they blamed the man for getting them that way? I think we all do in a weird way. I just want to be left alone :) But my DH is so understanding. I bought him a book, what to expect when your wife is expanding, he laughs at it all the time.


Tracy88 - February 12

It will definitely pa__s. My best friend warned me about this when I told her I was PG, and I didn't believe it could truly be this way, but it is! Like Jen, my husband is my best friend, but d__n I feel like he is always on my nerves. S_xually, well, there is no s_x! I know things will change though, and so does he, so if you are both aware of what is happening and that it will pa__s, then things will be great in the end.


aliciavr6 - February 13

Same situation as you. But I go thru phases... it all depends on my mood, but the whole first trimester, I hated him, everything he did irritated the living hell out of me and I'd get SO mad at him for no reason. He almost moved out. Lately things have been much better, since actually about 14w. I think very soon things will be better for you also since you are out of the first tri. If it doesnt, maybe suggest a week or so apart, then I guarantee you will miss the c___p out of him and things will be good, for at least a little while. :)


ophelia73 - February 13

You are so normal! Hormones make us feel some crazy things! As for s_x, I have wanted to, but dh doesn't seem to be interested. Not sure why, unless my hormonal issues are rubbing off on him!


Kime - February 13

The same exact thing happened to me and my bf. We actually broke up twice, and he has gotten his won apartment until i have the baby. It was that bad thank god i only have 4 months to go


squished - February 13

You guys are totally normal. We have gone through the same thing and the though of anything s_xual with him is just blah to me! Poor dh! He knows that it will pa__s and I feel bad always saying no, but he'll live. I'm sure that you guys will be fine.


Mommy1 - February 13

This happend to me too!! I am 4 month pregnant and been married for 5 months. Earlier in my pregnancy everytime my husband came near me I hated it!! He annoyed me and the last thing I wanted to do was sleep with him!! I was really worried I was starting to hate my husband after 2 months of marriage...that lasted for about 3 months (basically until the morning sickness went away). Things are better now and I love him agian!! Pregnancy really messes you up hey! Oh well, it's worth it! Good luck Just Me...it'll get better.


just__me - February 13

wow...thank you everyone for you advice!!! i feel better knowing that other couples are going through this same situation and have made it out alive. one more question, DH= what? dear husband???


c_baer19 - February 13

yes, DH = dear husband.


aliciavr6 - February 13

just__me - no worries, it should all get better soon. I thought for sure me and my bf were going to break up for good during my pregnancy, thank god it's better now. It's either hormones or some time to just get used to the pregnancy, or both?


stephybella - March 17

My boyfriends Dad recently got into a car accident and they were talking on the phone, after his dad told him how he was feeling, my boyfriend replies with, " you think you got problems? Try living with this crazy pregnant lady!" I've been a complete phsyco so dont feel bad!


Cad0587 - March 18

This is completely normal, it's just the pregnancy hormones! they make you more irritable.


Allisonc79 - March 21

Welcome to marriage! This is very normal, me and my dh have been together for 7 years now. We go through phases like that too, especially now that I am pregnant it is worse. When your with someone for a long time, pa__sion and romance will not survive as long as love will. Out of love, you should feel like kissing him again and it will probably be sooner than later.



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