Wonderful Fetal Movement

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JESS1980 - March 23

Hi everyone! I was writing to see how many of you have felt fetal movement yet! I am 18 weeks, and I have been feeling movement for a couple of weeks. But last night, I had a completely new experience! I was relaxing at home, and started feeling little flutters of the baby moving.....so, I glanced down towards my abdomen and I could actually see my belly moving. A little bump here, and a little thump there. It lasted for about 10 minutes. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this incredible experience!


Lashunda - March 23

Hi there, I'm 23 weeks and I've actually statted feeling my baby roll against my skin. Its a weird feeling but i love it : )


Corrine321 - March 23

Hi, im 15 and 27 weeks and 2 days! My baby has been moving ever since week 17!! Everyday you can feel the baby more and more!! My baby is very active!!


clare - March 24

hey im 17 weeks and i have been feeling bump for a week or 2 already i kept getting told it was just wind but i went 4 a scan last week and she said no wonder i have been feeling him it looks like hes learnt to swim inside me lol the movements are lasting longer by the day my fell has felt a slight kick 2 but i cant really see him moving yet xx


EricaG - March 24

Isn't it great?! I'm 20 weeks 2 days and have been feeling my baby kick since 17 weeks. I love feeling my baby move. I even "play" with him or her by pushing two fingers down in a certain spot and s/he swims over and pushes against my fingers or kicks at them. When I'm laying down I too can see my belly moving with the kicks.


sezradev - March 24

I'm 17 weeks and I've been feeling my baby for a couple of weeks now. In fact I can feel it moving around right now. It's such a reasuring feeling. At the moment its just a slight fluttering feeling, I can't wait for it to get stronger.


Marie - March 24

I am 17 weeks, and have been feeling the baby since about 15 and a half. My DH felt the baby kick for the first time last night. Very exciting!!!


bloodlust - March 24

Hi guys....well I'm 20 wks 3 days. I've been feeling my little one since about week 17. At week 17, it was more like flutters and not really that strong then as time progressed, it started to feel like it was doing karate. At first, it was a weird feeling but now, I'd feel weird without feeling it lol. I do have a question for you all....do you moreso feel it when you're sitting/laying? I rarerly EVER feel it when I'm standing up. I mean, there have been a few times but mostly it's only when I'm sitting or laying.


JESS1980 - March 24

Hi bloodlust. Mostly I feel movement when I am sitting or laying down. I am actually feeling them right now!


EricaG - March 24

Hi bloodlust :o) You're only a day ahead of me! For me, I mostly feel the baby when I'm laying down on my back, propped up on pillows, or when I'm sitting. If I'm wearing jeans or my husband's hand is pressed against my tummy, s/he kicks even more because of the pressure. rocking a 1 1/2 year old to sleep yesterday and the baby kept kicking her! I don't think s/he likes things on my tummy.


marie - March 24

I usually feel my baby too when i'm laying or sitting. But I have not see my baby rolling against my skin. I'm excited for that moment to come. My dh is loving every moment he get to feel our baby move in my tummy. The first time he felt it he screamed and was teary-eyed. It was the sweetest thing I've seen!


18tobe - March 24

im 23 weeks and 2 days and i started feeling the baby move at arnd week 19. It was funny kinda weird tho. now everytime i go to sleep at arnd 11 i have to lay there for like 20 minutes till he actually lets me sleep cz he starts kicking so hard. i love it.


Revel - March 25

ive been feeling them since i was 15 weeks now im 21 weeks i just started feeling the baby with my hand i can actually feel it roll adn move away when you go to touch him


krc - March 26

it's a unique feeling. I am 21 weeks and sometimes it seems like a foot or elbow and others it is stronger and bigger like a head or b___t. I feel him everyday and he's most active around 2-3pm.



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