Wondering About Cats

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Mingill - June 2

Hello ladies, I'm sitting here looking at my cat and wondering how she'll be around baby. She's 12 years old and has always been a little scaredy-cat around loud noises and new people and I don't want her to stress out completely. Is there anything I can do to help her adjust? Thanks


lexa - June 2

Hi Mingill. Cats usually adjust very well. Since she is much older, you could always have your husband/partner bring home a blanket or something the baby wore at the hospital before you bring the baby home. That way your cat can smell it and get used to the smell so when you bring the baby home, the cat will already know it's scent and hopefully adjust a little better. Cats though like I said normally do great with that adjustment. Just keep giving her attention too and she'll do great.


Mingill - June 2

Thanks lexa, I hope my cat does adjust, I'll keep the blanket/scent in mind for when baby gets here.


lexa - June 2

No problem. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. I'll have to do the scent thing also. With my first, my cat (only had 1 at the time) adjusted quite well. This time for me, it's the dog I am more worried about. She's nebby and loves people of all sizes. Your cat will be happy too as long as she is still getting your attention:-) She'll know you still love her too. I think older cats are better at adjusting because unlike younger cats, they aren't as "curious" as they once were. I still think cats are great animals. You'll be okay with your "two" babies:-)


AmyB - June 2

my cat was 7 and did fine! he does hide alot now that they are older but comes out to love on me at night!


Susan W - June 2

I have four cats, and I'm a veterinarian. When we brought baby #1 home, two hid, one for several days to the point we started to worry about her, and then they came out but were hesitant for a while. The other two ran whenever they heard the baby for the first few months -- which was pretty much all the time (!). Now, a couple years later, they could care less about him. They won't let him touch them, but they leave the room when he's wandering around. I do have the most adorable picture of my DS and one of the cats curled up on the bed sleeping when he was about 6 months old :) I also babysit other kids -- since I'm home anyway -- and they didn't react to them at all. I sent hom a blanket from the birth center before I went home for them to smell, and I had let them check out all the baby stuff beforehand too, so nothing other than the baby was new. Pets usually do OK. But until you are sure, don't leave the baby and the cat (or dog) in the same room unless you are there; sometimes the pet can do something if the baby scares it or is having a subtle adjustment issue. I have more detailed information if someone thinks they might need it and can post, or contact your veterinarian. Kids raised with pets have less allergies :) so it's a bonus!


Mingill - June 3

Thanks Susan W., it never even occured to me to ask our Vet. The furry baby has an appt. soon, so I'll ask then.


Perl - June 3

Susan, what is the additional information you mentioned? My cat is 6 years old and I'm afraid she may try to jump on top of my baby maybe even try to lean across my baby's face and suffocate her/him.



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