Wondering If This Is Normal

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sterlinberlin05 - January 3

Ok... pretty much my whole pregnancy (I'm 22 weeks) I get this feeling in my uterus. When it was smaller I thought it was just the baby moving but now that it's much larger I think it's my uterus. It's almost like it contracts every now and then for a few seconds, and if I touch it while it does this it hurts. It feels like a lot of pressure and it only hurts on the right side to touch. When I was around 16 weeks I told the nurse it was tender there and she just blew it off and said she'd let the doc know but I don't know if she did. Also when I first wake up in the morn and use the bathroom I feel like my va___a is swolen (kinda like after s_x) but I didn't have s_x. It goes away through the day. And a few days ago two times during the same day i'd wipe after peeing and would have just a blob full of discharge. Any advice would be good.


pomny143 - January 3

I would definately mention this to your doc yourself, just to be on the safe side, but I have had similar experiences as well. You may be having a Braxton Hicks contractions even thoughh it is still very early in your pregnancy. Try drinking more water. Also it could be round ligament pain because your body is starting to stretch. About the discharge, it is important to mention if it was colored or not. As we all know, any green or yellow or funny odor can be an infection. Red discharge can be a sign of blood so make sure you bring that up to your OB. Finally, that pressure you are feeling in the v____al area....me too. I believe it is again just the adjusting of our bodies to all of the inner weight being put on our "area". I am going to my doc on Mon and will mention this to her also. Hope this helped! Good luck.


sarah21 - January 3

I had tenderness on my right side as well until about 20 weeks. It would hurt when my midwife would do the palpating to feel my uterus and pushed on it. But it cleared up on its own. You could also be experiencing braxton hicks, which are somewhat normal this early, as pomny said.


Cevvin - January 3

Your pain sounds like somethign i have from time to time. Kinda like you have a hernia, altho i have never had one, i just imagine what a hole in my muscles would feel like. I mentioned this to my doc and said i was very concerned and he said its just muscles and soft tissue stretching. I often feel it when i cough or sneeze, or push to go pee. Talk to your doc if you get really concerned. Ive had it with both pregnancies.


ErinP - January 4

Sounds like Braxton Hicks. I started having them at 16 weeks with this pregnancy, although it's my 2nd, and I think it's more common to have them so early with subsequent pregnancies. Do you think maybe the pain could be just extra pressure where the baby is positioned from the contraction? I really don't know, it's just a thought. I find with this pregnancy I'll feel the baby shift and then feel some pain based on where he's shifted to, and it doesn't go away until he's moved again. If I have a contraction when he's in an uncomfortable position it can be a little painful.


sterlinberlin05 - January 4

thanks girls. I thought it was braxton hicks but I wasn't sure because when I went into labor early with my son it was in my back mostly but I guess that was real contractions not "fake". Erin P I think it is where she sits it hurts the most and she's usually on my right side but the past few days I've felt her on both, it's kind of odd. Thanks so much and let me know what your doc says pomny.



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