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HSF - November 2

has anyone found a successful work from home bussiness with very little start up cost? Please share! I would love the opportunity to stay home with my baby! Thanks!


Melissa - November 2

I work from home and love it. Go to What you would be doing it customer service for many different companies like Disney, office depot, ams there are some many. And the money is not bad. Aslo it does not cost anything, all you have to have is home phone and computer with internet. Good luck


myah - November 2

melissa, do you have to make long distance calls? is it something you can do with a baby?


K - November 2

Melissa, Thanks for sharing I'm going to check it out!


Crystal - November 3

Melissa ~ this sounds really interesting. How long have you been working for them? Do you have other kids at home right now? How does that work out with your job (I noticed it requires a quite work environment during your hours - could get crazy with a new baby).


Melissa - November 3

No, you do not have to make long distance calls. You call into a local number and take calls that way. I have been doing for almost two years. I love it. I do have a 4 year old at home with me. He is pretty good at being quite when I am working. I have another baby on the way, I am a little worried about working with a new born. But the good thing is you pick your own shifts. I think I will change my shcedule to when hubby is home.


Crystal - November 4

Thanks Melissa ~ it sounds really interesting and my dh and I are really considering it. I think working while the hubby is home is probably the best idea too.


Jill - November 4

I definetly plan to do most of my work (graphic arts) when either hubby is home or my mom is here. I think I can get a few things done while baby is sleeping, but not more than 2 hours a day. But I figure 2 hours a day, plus 6 hours on one of my hubbie's days off, and another 6 hours the day my mom comes... that makes 17 hours of work with no childcare expenses! However I am self employed so that might only be 12 billable hours, but still...


to Melissa - November 4

Melissa, when I looked at the alpineaccess website, it said you needed to be able to call long distance to Denver, so would have to make sure you have a tel.plan to cover unlimited long distance calls! But you say you call into a local number. Are you in CO?


Melissa - November 7

I checked with my sup. she said yes a new policy is that you have to have unlimited long distance. Yes, I am in Colorado.



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