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amanda - October 13

hi i just wanted some opinions im 26 weeks and i am an lna in a nursing home which calls for lots of lifting and stress my work does not take into consideration im pregnant im a strong girl but i can only do so much i get the hardest list every night and i keep saying when im 7 8 months pregnant im not gonna do all th eheavy lifting and they just ignore me how should i approach the situation my stomach hurts by the end of the night and i cant afford to not work also there was some other girl that had to go on light duty cause she was a high risk prwegnancy and they fired her hmmmm sorry about punctuation im lazy haha thanks


Beth - October 13

My step sister does the same thing, she has an extremely high risk pregnancy with twins and has to go on mat leave next month (she's due in March) because her job involved so much heavy lifting that they couldn't give her light duty. I'm in Canada and according to labour laws they're not allowed to fire you for being pregnant, they also have to give you light duty up to the point where it causes your employer undue hardship. Look into the labour laws where you are so that you know what your rights are and then your going to have to sit down and discuss things with your boss, sooner or later. Hope this helps, and congrats on the pregnancy! and don't strain yourself too much, maybe where a girdle or something to help give your tummy support but don't seriously hurt yourself all your muscles have softened to make room for your baby so you can't lift what you could before and you could end up hurting yourself or your baby so be careful.


j - October 13

talk to your doctor. tell him how you feel after working all day and tell him the situation with the other girl. maybe he can write a note saying that you cannot be lifting on people, etc. i would definately look into the laws with that. that is totally not right that the other girl got fired for that.


j - October 13

also, you don't want to be lifting heavy things because you don't know if you can/will have incompetent cervix. most pregnancies end in the 2nd trimester because of the cervix. i was 25 weeks and diagnosed with it. there are ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING SIGNS. so, be careful and seriously get help with the situation.



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