Working At 18 Weeks

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lunastarliteyes - January 13

So I for some reason had been getting sharp pains in my shoulder every so often at work and the more I worked, the worse it seemed to get. I have been waiting tables through this whole pregnancy so far. The work environment has been very stressful, and I decided to start looking for another job with a little bit of a slower pace. Today, I just felt so awful and they were trying to call me in early and being incredibly rude on their messages they left for me, so I decided to just not go in. It isn't worth it to me to put all of that stress on myself and my baby. So I quit. The good side of it is, the Sunday paper comes out tomorrow ;) and now I have time to actually GO to some interviews. I hope I am doing the right thing. Just needed to vent a little. Thanks for listening :)


Tammy276 - January 13

Well, good luck.....It is hard trying to find a job while you are pregnant, especially if you are showing already. I am in the same boat, my job suck and I am on my feel all say. I had them cut my hours for now so I only work 2 or 3 days a week (I am 29 weeks). I have applied for many jobs that I am qualified for, but due to me being pregnant, I never get a call back...So good luck and I hope you find something.


TamaraAngel - January 13

I think you did the right thing. You don't need all that stress when you're preggo! I'm a__suming a waitressing job didn't offer health insurance and maternity leave anyhow... so no loss! You'll find something... and you may be able to hide the pregnancy, at least until you get hired?? Maybe a temp service will work for you, so you can just do it until the baby arrives and then look for something else when you're ready to go back to work. Good luck!! :o)


Tracy88 - January 13

I'm glad you quit quite frankly. I waited tables for 6 years and know that if I had to do it pregnant, I would be mad. I think it's honorable that you put your baby's, and your own, well-being above the needs of others and you paid attention to your body. You will find something, just don't mention that you are PG. If you are showing too much, then go for jobs like tamara said that you know are temporary. I realize that the money is a huge factor, but you can hostess somewhere or work in a store in the mall if worse comes to worst. I have faith that you will find something though. Good luck.



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