Worried 1st Time Mom

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MC - October 7

I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant and everything has been going fine w/my pregnancy. But, I always get worried that I'll do something wrong and it will harm my baby. Everytime I have a drs. appt., I worry we won't hear the heartbeat. I have no reason to worry. No cramping, spotting, nothing. Is this normal? Can others share their experiences and try to help me calm down and just enjoy this. Thanks.


March_Mommy06 - October 7

I can relate! I am 16 1/2 weeks along and everything is perfect, but I worry ALL the time. About everything. Am I eating something that will hurt the baby? And so on!


Mandi - October 7

I am 22 weeks and 5 days. I worried alot about 4 weeks back. I had a quad screen scare for Trisomy 18...every little thing I thought I was having a miscarriage. Now that I had the amnio and have had several US, everything is fine. I still worry (like when the dogs decide to catapault off of my stomach) but not nearly as much. I have tried to listen to my mother's words of wisdom on this one when she says "all that worrying is not good for the baby".....it is true you know....try to enjoy the pregancy...it is over far too soon not to. It can be so hard with all of these rules, and food restrictions, and vitamins, and appointments, but every time I feel my little one move I instantly get a smile on my face....suddenly everything is all worth while. Have you felt the baby move yet? This is the GREATEST. Every night before I go to bed, I lie on my back and he moves....a little ritual the two of us share. He roles around and I watch his every move...attempting to figure out which body part it is I see protruding from my abdomen. If your little one is moving around....stop and enjoy the wonder. I have found this really helps. Best of luck.


MC - October 7

she has started to move, but not to the point that i can see or feel it. it's hard to tell if it is her, but i can't explain what else it could be. it's like a very light, wavy type feeling. I love it!


Kate and baby - October 7

Hi ladies. I am 24 weeks and my little guy is doing GREAT! I know what you are talking about with doing things wrong. Right before I got pregnant I had my wedding 2 weeks before my wedding I had a miscarriage. I was so heart broken. The doctor told me the second time around for first timers is usually always healthy. I was so thrilled to get pa__sed the miscarriage period. I was paranoid about doing things wrong and messing up but it was only putting stress on me and the baby. I am slowly learning to do normal things again. Mandie, you said you lay on your back to feel the baby move. I do the same thing but I had just wrote in the other day b/c after so long you shouldn't be on your back. When they replied to my question they said that its ok for a short period of time but don't do it a lot. you are limiting the blood supply to yourself and the baby. Ladies we all know our limit and what we are told not to eat or drink. Take your vitamins and exercise and just RELAX. Good luck. I hope all goes well


MC - October 7

my dr told me today that it's o.k. to sleep on my back. even excercise. this did sound odd to me since i've read a lot that you shouldn't do these things. but, should i really question my dr?



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