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tina - November 28

does anyone out there worry like i do! i am always constantly worried something will happen to my baby or something is wrong. im only 16 weeks and i worry all the time that my child will come out with something wrong with him. im not high risk but i dunno...im just so tired of worrying...any1 else feel this way? i want to enjoy being pregnant but i cant cuz i always feels this way!


Christi - November 28

I am the same way. I am at 25 weeks now. The first 3 months I was scared to death of miscarriage... once that was over I started worrying about retardation and physical problems... now I am concerned with my swelling and my blood pressure (which all has been okay). I havent been without some sort of obsessive fear. I think alot of this comes from the fact that this is my first baby and I dont know what to expect... and I am happy, but very scared my happiness will be ruined. I understand wanting to enjoy the pregnancy... I am in the same boat... I want the "glow" and the excitement... I cant get past my fears though...my doctor and I discussed this at my last visit. She basically told me that is what routine check-ups are for... to verify that the progess of the pregnancy is okay. She told me I need to relax and find something to keep myself occupied because I think too much... I'm freaking myself out. I dont really know what advice I could give you because I am in the same place myself. I just want to rea__sure you that you are not alone...


Sherry - November 28

Tina, I have been exactly the same way. I think it's a result of doing too much reading (in my case anyway). I'm 25 weeks now and even though I still worry from time to time, I'm noticing that I'm starting to relax a bit. Now that I'm feeling him move, that we're over the touchiest parts of the pregnancy and I'm finally realizing now that if something is wrong when he's born...it will such, but I 'know' my little one too well now to think anything other than the fact that I'll love him to death no matter what happens. I know this probably doesn't help much t ohear now, but just hang in there it will pa__s.


tina - November 28

actually both of your answers have helped me a lot. as you said sherry i think the main problem for me also is that i too do a lot of reading. maybe when i began to feel the baby move ill feel better i just really want to stop worrying all the time and it just seems like i cant


tiffany - November 28

Well,i am almost 17 weeks and i cant say that i have had the problem of worring at all. I have epilepsy, so in the beginning, i was worried that the medication i was on would cause birth defects, this is common with most epilepsy meds. I talked to my doc about it and there was a new med brought onto the market that shows no sign of birth defects, so i immediately switched to that one. Other than that, i havent really worried about anything. I have been too excited to worry about anything. Everytime i go for my check up, everything is normal, and all of my bloodwork has come back normal also. I guess i have just had no reason to worry. I found out the s_x of the baby early too, so that made me worry less too, because now i have stuff to occupy my mind, picking names, looking for baby boy stuff, and just being excited!! I guess all i can say is to look at everything positive...normal check ups? normal ultrasounds? normal fetal heartrate? dont worry be excited....especially being a first time mom!!!


tina - November 28

so far everythings been normal..i had one ultrasound at 12 weeks and and it was fine, and just last week we heard the heartbeat. i just really want to have a healthy baby


Christi - November 28

Wasnt hearing the heartbeat amazing? I love that... and the ultrasounds also ease my stress. I do feel the baby move alot... I love feeling her, then I know shes okay. I do too much reading too... in fact.... my doctor asked me to please stop...lol. One really good book to ready is the pregnancy "bible"...aka..."What to Expect When Your Expecting"... that tends to offer a lot of comfort to me. If you want to laugh alot try reading "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy... that book is HILARIOUS... she talks about her pregnancy and how nasty things happen to pregnant women...lol... its great!!! I try not to stress... I have heard its normal though... with the horomones, fatigue, and motherly instinct kicking in... who can blame us, ya know???


melissa - November 28

I agree exactly with EVERYTHING christi said, I had the exact same fears, in the exact same order! Now i am just worried about her staying in there the appropriate length of time, but I feel some relief that in a few days I start the 3rd trimester (i'll be 28 weeks this coming friday!!)


Karen - November 28

Hi ladies - we all tend to worry throughout pregnancy but what I found worked for me was to stop reading - I would look for internet sites that revealed the worst case scenarios. It was actually really unhealthy - not just for me but for the little one who had enough to contend with - growing!! He/she didn't need to feel all my stress and worry. I realized I wasn't enjoying my pregnancy - I wasn't getting to know my little one but instead preparing not to get to know him/her. When I realized what I was doing was robbing myself of some real wonderful experiences, I stopped searching, reading etc. and stuck to only positive information. It made the world of difference over the past three months. I had a slip the other day by accident when doing some searching on where my uterus is sitting - found a terrible site...and bang I was a wreck again. I've decided to not go there again. If I want my baby to be healthy and strong then I need to lead by example. I still worry but I don't look for worry anymore. I feel so much better knowing that I am preparing joyously for my little one's arrival - and I think he/she knows that I've shut the door on doubt. What I get out of the pregnancy depends on what I decide to put into it - imagine worrying throughout and then a beautiful and healthy child is born - you can't get that time back...so try to find ways to make it the best possible experience. If you can alter how you think - you will alter how you feel and this is better for both you and baby. Its not easy but certainly not impossible...good luck ladies and enjoy your pregnancies...


Christi - November 29

Wow... Karen, youve made a very strong point. I never thought of it that way... thanks for the advice!!! Melissa... glad someone understands...lol...!!


Karen - November 29

Glad to help out Christi - I know its done wonders for me and I guarantee my little one likely is enjoying the change in att_tude - he/she has a positive environment to grow instead of one filled with loom and doubt. Take care...smile - you are pregnant :o)



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