Worried About Chiropracter

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Lolly - January 4

I have been going to the chiropracter since October and I am a little concerned about the laid back att_tude of my doctor about lying on my stomach. You see I gave birth tio triplets 3 years ago at 28 wks and the last thing I ever want to do is give birth that early again. I explained this to the doctor and even told him my first baby doctor was against chyropractic care because of my condition of carrying triplets and the chiropracter said he was ridiculous. I was a bit mad because I still gave birth early and my baby doctor saved my children's lives(I have a lot of respect for his opinion). Then when I expressed concern about lying on my stomach with this pregnancy the chiropracter said "That is silly I've been doing this for 40 years and besides the most vulnerable time for pressure bor blows to the stomach is in the first trimester. I thought WRONG!!! And just my last appointment he asked how for along I was and I said 19 weeks and he was like " So you're about 3 1/2 months." "No( I said) more like 4 1/2). I just canceled my next appoiontment because I'm not sure if I feel my baby is safe with this care. I would appreciate any thoughts ( Should I continue or not? Am I being irrational?)


Court - January 4

I have a fantastic chiropractor who is very knowledgable about treating pregnant women. This was something I talked to my OB about at the beginnning of my pregnancy and she said that I just needed to make sure that the Dr. was VERY experience at treating pregnant women. They should also raise the bed at your pelvis so that you aren't on your stomach. I would say to check other Dr's and make sure that you ask for references from women who they have treated in pregnancy. I think that being adjusted and having ma__sage during pregnancy helps so much! Good luck, I hope that you are able to find someone who will take good/responsible care of you!


Allie - January 4

I have an appt with my chiropractor Fri, but I am going to ask my dr. before i keep the appt. I am a little nervous about it, but I do know that my chiropractor uses a special bed when you are pregnant so as not to put pressure on the stomach. I would think yours would do at least that much.


K - January 4

My brother is in chiropractic school and I asked him if he thought adjustments were safe for pregnant women, he said absolutely, as long as the dr is very experienced in this kind of treatment. As a matter of fact, the dr he is interning with right now specializes in pregnancy care, and my brother is thinking he may also. There are actually schools that focus chiropractic training around the care of pregnant women. Maybe you could find a dr in your area that specializes?


to Lolly - January 5

There are plenty of chiropractors out there. Go to a different one. Even better, if you can, go to a acupressurist. The first doc I went to for my severe sciatica that began four years ago was a chiro because I didn't know any better. Well, in addition to taking completely pointless x-rays, he was a total quack. I've noticed there are an awful lot of quack chiropractors out there. Do yourself & your baby a favor & follow your gut. Instinct is a wonderful thing that women are blessed with. Good luck!


Monique - January 5

My doctor DOES NOT recommend a chiroprator either. I was surprised because she also owns a spa and advocates acupuncture. My pre-natal yoga cla__s has been helping with my alignment. Godd Luck!


Lolly - January 5

Thanks everyone. I think I am going to try to find a different doctor to continue my care. Maybe one who specializes in pregnant women. I think the main problem that is making me uncomfortable is that I am just not feeling listened to or having my pregnancy nurtured the way I would like it to be. I've heard of those special tables, I think I would like someone who has one of those or just maybe a woman would be more sensative to my needs and concerns. Thanks for all the advice, I think I am going to take my business to another doctor. I mean, why stick with someone I don't feel comfortable with, when I could be much happier with someone else who makes me feel safer and better. Thanks again.


Julie - January 6

Lolly, my husband is a Chiropractor and I am 15 weeks pg. He is a good one, not a quack :o) I'm not sure what the rules are, I think he told me that up to 25 weeks is safe to adjust you but then he needs to use a drop table after that (belly part drops out) but I am not SURE on that at all. Anyway, I CAN tell you for 100% sure, a good Chiropractor would NEVER tell you that ANYTHING another doctor said is ridiculous or wrong........Chiropractors have a specialty and your OB doc has a specialty, if they are both good at what they do, they will respect each other's opinions, give you their thoughts and let you decide. DEFINITELY find yourself a new Chiropractor!!! A good one will give you options and let YOU direct your own care. My husband says ALL THE TIME, I give them my opinion, the opinions of others that differ from me and the risks a__sociated with each, then the PATIENT decides ultimately what kind of treatment they want from me. Good luck Lolly!!


L - January 6

I would follow the advise of a physician, especially an OB/GYN whose education and experiences are extensive and pertain to reproduction, over a chiropractor. Chiropractors and not legally recognized as Doctors by the AMA. I don't mean this as an insult to any chiros or their families, but simply want to point this out as many people do not know that they are not legally drs but considered health care providers similiar to physical therapist, speech therapist, or ma__sage therapist.


Julie - January 6

Actually, that's not correct. The AMA is the American Medical a__sociation, made up only of MD's, so of course Chiropractors are recognized by them. There are 3 types of licenses that are considered primary care givers, MD, OD (Osteopath) and DC (Chiropractor). Of course no one should see a Chiropractor for all of their prenatal care. Just like no one should see a Dentist if you have a broken arm. A person must choose the appropriate care for what ails them or what they are being treated for. By no means, do I need to defend what my husband does for a living, his patients can do that, but the facts listed above are not exactly correct. The statement that they are not legally doctors is 100% false. Lolly, do what feels right to you. See whomever you feel most comfortable with. You seem as if you have gotten relief from a Chiropractor before, if so, you definitely need a new one.....


Allie - January 6

Well, I went to the chiro this morning as scheduled and have to say I feel better :) I am showing but not too much (16 weeks), but he used a special pillow with a spot for my belly so that there wouldn't be pressure on me when I was on the table. I was having trouble bending before I went, and can move again!



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