Worried About Husband

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Rachel - October 12

My husband and I both work...maybe not at the greatest place in the world, but we're trying, he recently got a promotion and will be going full time and the only days he gets off is Saturday and Sunday. This means he won't be able to go to any more doctors appointments, and i'm getting a 3D ultrasound in a couple weeks and he's going to miss it. It's really upsetting to me, but I know there's nothing I can do about it, I wanted him to be very involved in the pregnancy, and I think this is really gonna have an impact on that...


kendall - October 12

A lot of places that do 3D do them on saturdays see if you can reschedule maybe for a time/day that he can also come, if not the 3D does comeon dvd/vhs so he will be able to see what you see


Rachel - October 12

I know, its actually more money to get it done on a weekend, and we're pretty tight on money...its all good though


kendall - October 12

good luck rachel i hope that everything woeks out for you and your husband


B - October 13

He can't take a couple of hours off? I know jobs are important but so is family. Both men and women have to make adjustments. It wouldn't hurt for him to ask his boss. Good luck.


nikinoo - October 13

Rachel...I feel your pain! My d/h has been working away sinse I feel pregnant. He is a carpenter and has been working 2 hrs away from home and has to live up there till one month before bub is due...He has saturday and sunday off and then returns to work sunday night unless he has RDO and thats every second monday. So Ive had to make all my appointment for Mondays. But during the week all I have is a phone call of a night. I miss him so bad...and Im so lonely..but were in the middle of building a house and we need the extra money. I just cant wait till december till he can be home with me during the week again....theres nothing worse then loneliness...and it hurts for him to be so far away and missing alot of the baby kicking and belly rubs etc...I do know how you feel..but please appriaciate that you get to cuddle him of a night...I hope it all works out...best wishes..niki


Tanyav - October 13

The ultrasound place will give you at least a couple of pictures to take home and you can tell him all about it later that evening. Don't worry.


Bonnie - October 13

My hubby works a lot too and I miss him not being at my doctor's appointments anymore. See if he can get a few hours off since a scan is kind of special. Or maybe reschedule for a Saturday if posible. I lucked out and he at least got to go to that, but my DH has not been to any doc appoinments since. If he can't, don't stress too much about it. At least he will see the DVD. BTW I am sooooo jealous. Those 3D scans are amazing, I really wanted to get one but I just didn't have the cash flow to manage it. Goodluck!


jessielouwho - October 17

Ladies, it'll be okay. My BF has not been able to make it to single appointment with me and I am 21 weeks. He's been working in TX (we live in MI) since mid-june. I found out I was pg about 10 days after he left. We've seen each other 2x for a week each since. I am a really dependant person and I really really wish he was here because I feel like he's missing out on everything. But he doesn't know what he's missing out on and he's totally excited by all the pictures I send him and everything I tell him. I get so sad everytime I read a post about what someones DH did for them. At least they've gotten to rub your tummy and talk to it. I know it's disappointing, but if I can handle this, you all will be fine. Good news is, he gets to come home on 11/19 for good and I'll be so grateful for the time we will have!! Hang in there.



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