Worried About Showing

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18wbabynov - May 21

im 15 weeks pregnant today. this is my first baby, and i was going to ask when people first started showing with their first babies... because my pants dont really fit, but no one can really tell im pregnant... im small framed... and only like, 120 lbs now... but i just hope everything in my tummy is going well! is it ok that im not showing yet? my co-worker (on 2nd baby) looks HUGE!


Erynn21 - May 21

It's fine if you don't show, I am on my 1st, but started showing early, ppl thought I was having twins. My growth just kinda popped out then stopped, I looked 6 months @ 3. Everyone is different it just may take awhile for you to show, there are lots of women on here who are farther along and don't show. Don't worry.


les22 - May 21

i thought i was huge from early on but then i realised i was just mega bloated cos my belly has now deflated. i know wot you mean about trousers being tight . i weigh 140lb so i have a bit of fat on my stomach so i look like im showing a wee bit. i have heard that you wont show properly with your first til 5months if you are thin.


livdea - May 21

I didn't really start to "show" until about 23-24 weeks and even then..it was kinda hard to tell. I know what stage you are at right now! I felt so fat then. I didn't have a belly but I had lost my waist and my hips had widened...I was freaking out! I am tall and was pretty skinny so I had a hard time...just waiting for my belly to pop! Finally it did! whew...I don't feel so "fat" any more...even though it was never fat it was just my body changing!


SuzieQ - May 21

I'm 5'8" and started out at 142 lbs. Not super small, but "healthy" :) I'm 21 wks now and have had strangers ask me when I'm due. When they find out I'm only 21wks, they say I'm "really small" compared to what they were (which is super annoying btw). I just had an u/s and my baby is measuring perfect for the dates. Don't worry too much about how big or small you are, everyone is different! I could wear regular pants up until about 2 weeks ago (my large ones anyways) but have moved onto maternity pants now. :)


mom2b72 - May 21

I am almost 25wks, and most people say I am not showing at all. Of course, I have lost my waist, and am overweight to begin with. Regarding your co-worker, most people show much earlier on in the 2nd pregnancy. Don't worry, soon enough you will start showing and be complaining about back pains, etc...Good luck!!


squished - May 22

I'm at 16 weeks and just in the last three days has my stomach popped out some and now I can't b___ton many of my shorts, but my jeans I can still get into. I think because they are those low rise ones. My SIL showed very early. Everyone is different :)


ITSABOY - May 22

I am 24 wks and have lost 20 pounds no one can even tell i am pregnant but the baby is healthy he is already 2 pounds.


Susan W - May 22

I'm 17+ weeks with my third pregnancy and I look less pregnant this time than I did with either #1 or #2, although I didn't get this far with #2. I'm still wearing prepregnancy clothing! Go figure. Each woman and each pregnancy is different. I was huge right off the bat with baby #1, but I didn't really look pregnant until 5-6 months -- it looked like I was getting fat. It's a tough stage. I realized the other day I HATE all my mat clothes and what am I gonna do when I need to wear them. . .



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