Worries About Premature Labor

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mgn - October 28

so i read WAY too much these days. I am 14 weeks preggo and worried sick about premature labor. Reason being is that hubby and I are going on a cruise and I will be 24 weeks when we go. I read a book about a women who went into labor at 24 weeks and now I want to cancel the trip b/c I fear if I do go into labor there wont be anything I can do!! I am a logical gal and realize statistically speaking this will not happen to me but I still cannot seem to shake this horrible fear. I mean, I will be on a big boat in the middle of the ocean!!! Any thoughts? mgn


kazforrest - October 28

Im going on a safari in the middle of nowhere in SA at 20 weeks , it earlier than u but there will be no doctors within 3/4 hrs of us. 24 weeks is very early, and you will have doctors on board. I am going to my OB consultant a day before we leave for a full checkup and a scan to put our minds at rest. I was worried about needing a doctor but my consultant says unless there is a pre-diagnoised condition or problem at this stage there is no reason to worry. Go and enjoy your break before the baby comes!


ShoppingForTwo - October 30

I went into pre term labor at 23 weeks. They stopped it everyday until my water broke and I delivered at excatly 24 weeks. My daughter pa__sed away 9 and a half hours later due to her severe prematurity. They are pretty sure it was because of an incompetent cervix because I started dilating but aren't 100% sure because preterm labor can make you dilate and my cervix dilating early can cause pre term labor. Which happened first? Who knows? (What came first the chicken or the egg?) Anywho, just telling you my story. My boss was pregnant the same time as me and went to Maui and went scuba diving in her 3rd trimester. I haven't checked in with her but her due date is actually today, if something horrible happened I'm sure I would have known. (Got a new job and never went back to that one) Well I'm pregnant again and will be starting light duty on monday and will be getting a cerlcage to prevent early dilation at 13 weeks and 17p shots starting at week 16 to prevent preterm labor. Good luck with your decision and wish you only the best. . .


cayingo - October 30

I had my DD early at 36weeks. Now pg with a baby boy and I started the progesterone shots a month ago (I'm 21 weeks). I sure hope they work. I want this one to stay in there as long as possible b/c I am a teacher and the closer I get to school being out for summer, the less likely I am to having to go back this school year. I'm due MArch 11, but measuring March 6. We'll see. So far I've been seeing a perinatologist monthly to measure my cervix. NIce and long and closed so far.



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