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sparkles - November 24

Hi ladies! I was just wondering if there is anyone else who would like to start a support forum for any worrisome first timers like me? This is me and hubby's first baby! I'm 18 weeks 3 days. I love being pregnant and can't wait to be a mommy! But I worry a lot about the baby and if he's ok. Everything's been great so far, but I get worried sometimes that something's going to go wrong. It would be nice to hear from other first time to be mommys who feel the same way.


Tasha - November 24

I feel the same way, Its mine and my husbands first too, we are so excited, but extremly nervous(me more than him!) I shouldnt be because Ive been really good, eating healthy, taking my Materna, excersing, avoiding everything I should(except for the occational piece of chocolate!) but Until I feel my baby everyday Im still going to worry. Im 22 weeks and just last week started feeling it move around, daily I am feeling it more. Im not showing that much so that worries me to, but at my last Ultrasound it was growing normally. I've heard this worring never goes away, even when they go to college! So trust me I know about the worrying. Your not alone, all you can do is everything that is good for the baby! Let nature take its course. And as the old cliche goes, what happens, happens for a reason! Good Luck and Im sure everything will be fine!


Shannon - November 24

I am in the same boat! Me and my dh first and I always sit and wonder if everything is going ok. Like I wish I had an ultrasound machine on me at all times so that I could just watch the baby. I know everything is prolly fine, but sometimes I just wonder what s/he's doing in there. Am I not feeding her enough, am I squishing her when I put my legs up or cross them? I know everyone will say its stupid to think that, but its just something I think about. I guess this is just what our parents were talking about when they said they are always worried about us. just like Tasha said.


Shannon - November 24

Just noticed I said s/he and then I continued on to say her... must be a sign ;)


Christi - November 24

Hi ladies. I am 19 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. My fiance' and I are very excited... I tend to worry a lot more than I need to. I went to the doctor earlier this week and she told me I was going to live....lol... my pregnancy is going good. I have all kinds of aches and pains... the doc says that I may be "too in tune" with my body.... I pay more attention to every little thing that I feel... and I worry. I have been feeling my baby move for weeks now... it started around 22 weeks. Its amazing how in two weeks the kicks and little punches have gotten a lot stronger and more frequent. I cant wait to see how much stronger they get...lol. I think this little "group" idea is great sparkles... I have been on this site for weeks now looking for a little comfort and a little support. Its nice to know there are others out there looking for the same.


a bird - November 24

Cool. This is what I need. It's my & my boyfriend's first baby as well. I'll be 30 when our little boy is born (due April 21st); my bf will be 27. We're both nervous, but very happy. My bf's working his b___t off for this baby, as I've been having problems finding a job. We don't have lots of money, but loads of love to give. I worry a lot about labor, the pain, the tears & scars, etc... but that's normal. Been feeling baby move for two months, but baby's been tangibly kicking me in the past two weeks. It's amazing! Thanks for starting this thread, Sparkles. :)


M.B. - November 24

I am 19 weeks 5days and tend to worry about every little thing too. I had a missed m/c at 12 weeks in April and the experience has left its mark! I am doing better now that I feel the baby every day tho...it is amazing, she has been giving me proper kicks for about a week and it takes me by surprise every time. I would love a little window in my belly so I could just check in on her whenever I felt like, lol!! I too worry that I might squash her in my sleep if I lie on my side leaning on my belly too much...I just so desperately want her to be fine, and I find it extremely overwhelming to think that it's out of my hands. All we can do is eat healthily and look after ourselves and then put our trust in the rest of the process. All my love and good luck xxx


me - November 25

I feel this way as well. I'm 20 weeks pregnant due April 11. I'm worried about everything. I am not showing, and I dont' feel kicks everyday. I think I feel soemthing but then I'm not sure. Everything seems to be fine at the ultrasound I measured right up to my date, but for some reason I keep thinking something bad is going to happen. Four weeks between appt seems so long to hear the heart beat. I'm not scared about stretch marks, or scars or even labor. I'm just worried about getting my son here nice and healthy!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!!


20 weeks - November 25

I am 20 weeks and showing nicely up to just beneath my belly b___ton. I've felt a lot of poking and prodding but last night, I felt the first real kick. It was so amazing! I felt it poke out the skin on my stomach. At 18 weeks and even up until last week, I thought the same thing...will these little pokes which feel like gas pain turn into kicks. They do and they will. It also helped having the ultrasound last week which more or less shows you a lot. I was told that my boy was very active, which surprised me at the time since I hadn't had a real kick yet. Sparkles, give it time. It'll happen any day now :) !!! (This is also our first)


B - November 25

I am in the same boat! This is my first pregnancy and I am 15 weeks today. The main thing I worry about is the health of my baby and birth defects. I eat healthy, I have never drank or smoked, and I stear clear of everything I can that may be harmful, but I still worry about if the baby will be okay. I guess I am just so amazed by the whole process that I think it through too much! I have not felt kicks yet, but I do get an occasional strange bubbly/pressure feeling in my abdomen that is not gas. May be the baby! I have my U/S in 3 weeks!


sparkles - November 25

Yay! So I'm not alone! Thanks, for posting everyone! It's nice to know there's other women like me. I know that my next pregnancy will probably be a breeze as I'll be an old pro at it, but this first time will be the most trying for me. I agree with M.B. I wish we had little observation windows in our tummy's that we could see the baby 24/7! I've been feeling the baby move for the past six weeks, but am eager to feel actual kicks soon. It shouldn't be too long, since my baby seems to have learned kick boxing and demonstrtaes for me! He can be wild child one day, then quiet the next. That's what freaks me out. I'm always wondering why he's not moving if he moved so much the day before. Oh, I'm a hot bath/shower person (I'm always cold) and had taken some hot baths after I got PG. I never stayed in them too long and I would get out once I felt warm. But I freaked out one day and told my hubby that I was sure I boiled our child in the hot bath because I didn't feel him move for a couple days! Fortunately, I have a hubby who doesn't freak out about everything and is very layed back! He was so calm and told me not to worry and sure enough our little munchkin was back to his normal antics the next day! Gosh, I love being PG, but I'm looking forward to when this little one comes out safe and sound.


M.B. - November 25

Sparkles, I totally understand your fear when it comes to not feeling the baby for a while...My girl always gives me a few kicks in the evening about an hour after dinner, but last night she was quiet even two hours after we had eaten. I was so worried because I had been cleaning the house earlier and had been down on all fours wiping the bathroom-floors - It left me exhausted and I just started worrying that maybe being in that position could have harmed the baby... I know all these little worries are probably irrational but they are so real when they are happening, because how are we to know what's going on in there. Anyway, a bit later she gave me five big kicks and wiggled around for a bit... pheeeew :-) I was so happy. She has also started giving me kicks in bed when I lean on my belly too much, I think that it so cute. I think in a few weeks time (to a month) most of us will be feeling really big kicks several time in the day and hopefully that will give us the daily rea__surance we need. I know that this week, in which I have felt daily kicks, have been the best in my entire pregnancy and the one with the least worries. Even if I do get myself into a bit of a state - like last night - then it only lasts a couple of hours until I feel her again. Before it could last for days or weeks until the next appointment and I would be so tearful and freaked out until I saw or heard her little heart beating. Now that I have found out the s_x and know it's a little girl, and since feeling her regularly I feel so much closer to her. It has made me more able to trust that my body knows how to look after her. Oh, and one thing I read on another thread was that sometimes they just stop kicking for a few days while going through a growth-spurt, then when they start again the kicks have gotten a lot stronger. Also it isn't till week 24 that we should be expecting to feel the baby every day. Anyway I'm sure we'll all be less worried in about 3-4 weeks time when our little ones have grown stronger and have started to kick more often. We'll have to catch up then x



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