Would A Few Glasses Of Wine Be Safe

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concreteredd - May 4

Hi.. just a quick question.. It is my Birthday soon and I plan to go out to dinner..would it hurt to have a few glasses of wine to celebrate?? I am 18w2days thanks for any thoughts on this.


Micky - May 4

Any amount of alcohol is dangerous for the baby....I would not drink even a sip if I were you..


elkay - May 4

every pregnancy book out there has different ideas as to what is safe to drink during pregnancy and what is not. Talk with your doctor to get a good answer about that. I have been told that a small (about 4 ounces) of red wine once a week, with food, during your 3rd tri has not been found to cause any complications....but that doesn't mean that is won't. I've a sip of my husbands wine twice, just a sip, and do not feel bad for doing so. BUT, everyone feels differently about it. Speak to your doctor if you want to know the facts.


elkay - May 4

sorry about all of the typos.


nha - May 4

I would like to know the same. I used to drink 1 gla__s of wine everyday before knowing i am pregnant. I was 5 weeks pregnant. Did I cause any problem? Please help me too guys!!


JJB - May 4

A gla__s of wine isn't going to hurt. I wouldn't necessarily have a few but go ahead and have a celebratory one. Have a happy bday!


Micky - May 4

Nha...I would not worry about the past....It is a risk but not that something will definitely go wrong...It is one of those "better safe than sorry" stuff for someone like me...there are women who have smoked too when they did not know they were pregnant.......so, just enjoy your pregnancy...only the present and the future is in your hands when it comes to safety..


Erynn21 - May 4

I wouldn't have a few, but I have had 1/2 a gla__s 2 times with dinner. I know that everyone has a differing opinion, that felt right for me. I'm 23 wks. and that was when I was about 18-19wks. It's your decision, good luck.


SuzieQ - May 4

It's a personal decision. I've decided not to drink because I've read that the baby will feel what you ingest more than you will. If you have two drinks and feel a bit tipsy, then they will feel it even worse. I don't know for sure if it's true, but I can't stand the thought of getting my baby intoxicated.


1Sttimemomy - May 4

when you drink alcohol is paces through the placenta straight to the fetus.and the fetus can't break it down as well as the mother so the fetus blood alcohol level rises much higher that the mother and stays that way longer.theese are facts that my doc. has told me.


Neets - May 5

My personal feeling is that a gla__s or two will, be fine to celebrate! Drunk over many hours the effect will not be a sudden rush to your baby. It's not as if you're doing this normally at other times. I know in the States and elsewhere it's a zero policy. However, in the UK it's 2 units a week (2 small gla__ses) and in Europe they drink more. At the end of the day - the decision is yours, and yours alone. Happy Birthday in advance.


happymommy - May 8

You should discuss this with your doctor. Alcohol along with tobacco use, or any drugs are harmful even in small amounts. I do know this. I read it in a study that was done in Europe where it is custom to drink wine with meals. If you feel even the slightest bit tipsy from a few drinks your baby is pa__sed out cold. Their bodies have a difficult time expelling the alcohol since their bodies are not fully developed. On the other hand a friend of mine was and still is an alcoholic and drank heavily with her daughter and she turned out just fine. I personnaly wouldn't take the risk. I don't think a gla__s during a special occasion would hurt, however, if you drink daily or drank a large amount I would be concerned. Hope this helps.



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