Would Alcohol Hurt My Baby

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me - March 6

im 14 weeks and drank 9 alcopops last night would this harm baby?


kat - March 6

sorry but why would you drink 9 when you are pregnant? im sure 1 or 2 would be ok,but 9???


me - March 6

got a bit carried away!


kat - March 6

i dont know if it will harm your baby but i dont think its a clever thing to do when you are pregnant! i hope your baby is ok,if i was you i'd avoid drinking until after the birth just so you dont risk getting carried away again!


:S - March 6

alcohol should always be avoided during pregnancy of course its harmfull no one knows the safe amount cause it can affect everyone differently how could you be so careless?? i jus dont understand...


kathy - March 7

Please be sure t tell your doctor. The may want to do some testing. If you tend to get carried away, I'd stay away from situations in which alcohol is served. If this is the only time time you've drank while pregnant, less likelt a problem, but if you've been having 1 or 2 on a reguloar basis, then it's much more likely to do harm.


Dale - March 16

You should have asked someone reliable that question before you drank. I think you need immediate guidance in this pregnancy, for the sake of your baby go to your doctor and explain what the situation is.


t - March 16

what the hells wrong with U?? u not even see a doc. thats the first thing I was told not to do... of course i already new that


tina - March 28

it is a shame that just anyone can have a baby and be able to literally ruin their life before it even begins. you should be ashamed of yourself. i hope your baby is ok.


Nicole - March 29

What is an alcopop? You should try phrase your questions that other people can clearly understand.


maria - March 29

alcopop is a british way of describing soda + alcohol.. like a rum and coke.. most likely hard liquor..


M - March 29

Are you joking? I just can't believe anyone would seriously do that.l Did you get drunk?


Kay - March 30

Alocopops arnt hard liquer they hardly contain much percentage of alcohol.


Dana - March 31

You F*cking MORON!! Are you stupid, that's like the worst thing you could possibly do. Everyone knows that's wrong! Do you not care about your baby, or care that you could have given your child FAS for one night of drinking? People like you don't deserve to be pregnant and have a baby your too d__n self centred, you'll never be a good parent.


mandy~ - March 31

personaly, i think people who drink that much while aware that they are pregnant are selfish, its NOT good at all to drink coz it CAN harm your baby. of course its a personal choice, but just think how you would feel if your baby has brain damage or other deformaties and knowing maybe, it was because you drank alchole through your pregnancy. try not to get so 'carried away' next time and think of your innocent baby.......



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