Would You Call The Doctor W These Symptoms

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bubbasmom - January 24

I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child. For the past 3 weeks I have been getting headaches daily. I've talked with a nurse about this and was given a prescription about 2 weeks ago. While the intensity of the headaches went away on their own, I still get them daily. I've been nauseaus for the past couple weeks and threw up twice yesterday. Today I have back pain (its right under where my bra strap is, so its not lower back pain). Should I call? I don't want to be "that mother" that calls about every little thing. Thanks for your help


Faye84 - January 24

I wouldnt call if I were you. Your headaches are from all the hormone changes, perfectly normal. I get them constantly and no medications help, the only thing you can really do is drink a lot of water to keep it all Hydrated. The back pain could really be anything, perhaps you lifted something too heavy, or its sore from everything stretching. With my DD i had back pain the entire time. At your next doc appt I would just mention it and see what they say. Maybe your getting sick from the meds?


mama keya - January 24

Never be afraid to call that's what thje doctors and nurses are for. I'm 29 weeks preg with my forth child and I've been with my doc. For all but one. And that's because he makes me feel comfortable about call about anything he says if you have doubts call better safe then sorry. Don't worry about being the woman that calls about everything. At least you will be at peace with yourself. And while Faye84 may be right, every pregnancy is diffrent. And only your doc can tell you what's good for you. And I was getting headaches also but my doctor told me that I can take Tylonel, Faye is saying you can't take anything. That is an example of diffrent pregnancies. Faye no disrespect.


mama keya - January 24

Sorry Faye I thought you said you can't take anything, and what you said was nothing helps. I can admit when I'm wrong


Faye84 - January 24

haha its all good, i was like where did I say you cant take meds?! lol. For me meds dont work worth c___p. But in my eyes if you worry about every little thing then you are going to go nuts, and just calling the doc to get an answer doesnt mean that your mind will be put at ease... ive had questions and asked the doc. they give me an answer but yet I still stay worried... Thats motherhood.


stefkay - January 24

bubbasmom, I'm probably "that mother" that calls about everything, but my nurse and I joke about it and she tells me that is what she is there for. The girl that answers the phone told me that they have many who call every single day. It's no big deal and shows you are concerned. I would definitely let them know what is going on and leave it in their hands so you don't have to worry. Headaches are normal, but can also signal a host of other problems. The pain in back under bra strap could be nothing or it could be gall bladder, liver, pancreas, etc. Just let them know for peace of mind...good luck!


tish212 - January 24

I'm gonna say call! I ignored my headaches and 3 days before I delievered I got the worst headache just ignored it and turns out I had preeclampsia. don't worry bout being that woman that calls over everything... look at it this way... ur worried for ur childs safety and if anyone looks at u crossly for that isn't worth ur time...ur job as a mother is to keep ur lo safe even when inside u. u can call ur drs office or the hospital and ask...either way I would talk to a dr about it to be safe!


ShoppingForTwo - January 24

Yup, go ahead and call. So what if your "That mother" hehe. If your every concerned about anything give your doc a ring. Your better than me because I've just showed up at my doctor's office plenty of times without calling lol.


Gemini_Girl - January 24

Hey! I suffer from persistant headaches, in and out of pregnancy! I was up all night with one last week, I phoned the doc just to ask if there was anything stronger than paracetamol to take but she said it was really important I called in to see her so she could check my BP, I thought it would be normal, as it usually is, but it wasnt it was sky high and I had to go to L&D for monitoring, luckily baby was stable and my BP went back to normal, but you should phone your doc anyway even just for advice on pain releif!


fefer1 - January 24

I had headaches and still do on occasion, but don't be afraid to call the doctor. That's what they are there for and they are used to it. :) I called the nurse all the time with my first...this time around I don't worry as much about all the little things. I personally probably wouldn't call because the headaches are normal at this stage...but only you know what's right for you. I got all sorts of aches and pains and headaches that lasted for days...



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