Would You Change Your Dr

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BabyLove - January 10

Hello Ladies, I'm new here :-). I'm 24 weeks and I've recently taken a tour of the hospital I plan to deliver at. Unfortunately it's not what I expected. First, it's 35 minutes away and they only have 18 private postpartum rooms and 26 semi private ones. I'm really bothered by the fact that I may have to share a room. If I change doctors I can deliver at the hospital that's 10 minutes from my house where all the rooms are private rooms. I'd feel guilty if I left my old doc because I really like her and she's been with me through my whole pregnancy this far. I have a great recommendation from a coworker whose doctor has privileges at the hospital I want. So my question is: Is it reasonable to change doctors based on my hospital choice?


Tootsie5c - January 10

I've always heard that certain doctors won't take you if you've already been seeing one during your pregnancy. That'd be my only concern. Remember, your doctor isn't your friend and don't worry about hurting her feelings. The most important thing is your comfort, and I could definitely see that a 35 minute drive to the hospital wouldn't be comfortable. I life 5 minutes away and I'm still worried about the drive hah. Do what makes you feel at ease.


EricaG - January 10

Just me, but I wouldn't do it. You are going tob e seeing this doctor a whole bunch before your delivery date and hopefully she will be there to deliver your baby and do postpartum care. You are going to spend what... one night, maybe two at the hospital? Of the chance at getting a sem-private room is the main reason you will be switching then I would say it's not a good enough reason for me personally to change doctors. A good doctor is worth their weight in gold when it comes to prenatal care and delivery. I will be delivering at a hospital 45 minutes away so I hear you on the long drive though! And my first labor was just 3 hours and 45 minutes, lol, so I'm a bit nervous about making it there.


Sprinkles - January 10

Hello I think i would probably at least meet the new doctor once before making that choice to know what your getting into if you do change - cause say you change and the new doc is a jerk .. then what or maybe they just rub you the wrong way - I have NO luck with doctors at all lol so I am a firm believer of holding what you have til you know what your getting yourself into. If you meet with the doctor and they are great then why not... I'd do it - just for the convience of it and I looked at the hospital rooms too if i had to share one that would be a HUGE problem for me but thats just my opinion :o)


HeatherIsHopeful - January 10

lol im in the oposite position.. I love the L&D part of my hospital.. everything about it makes me happy, Private rooms.. baby is always with you (they don't have a nursery) its really nice and I just love it. HOWEVER I have NEVER seen the same doctor twice since I have been pregnant. Every appointment I have is with a different doctor and it bugs me. I go to a military hospital and the only way you get a specific doc is if you are high risk. anyway in my opinion the doctor isn't important... what IS important is if you are getting satisfactory care and you are comfortable. If you want to switch hospitals I say go for it...



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