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izechsmama - October 2

BOY!!!!! and also to those of you that know me.. Holly.. my due date also changed.. i'm a week further along.. and now i'll join the Feb babies group because my due date no longer belongs in March!! can't beat that! its two days after my birthday! YAY!! Thank you all of you for your support... we're thrilled he was healthy and awesome!


KMcDougall - October 3

Congrats i am also having a boy! i am due dec 30!


Astra - October 3

Congratulations! I'm having my u/s to find out in one week, ready to explode with anticipation!


Rainbowbrite - October 3

Congratulations!!! Having your due date moved up i am sure don't hurt either!!! LOL.. but congrats on finding out you're having a son!!!! I looks like boys are ruling right now.. if i am not mistaken!!! how are you feeling?


sarah21 - October 3

Congrats!! I'm sorry you're not one of us March Mommies anymore... but how fun to be due earlier!!!


izechsmama - October 3

thank you everyone... Rainbowbrite i'm feeling really good.. baby moves a whole bunch... DH got to feel it last weekend... so its been great... just starting to really feel pregnant and be showing.. i'm so happy right now that God has blessed us so very much.... how are you all feeling? Rainbowbrite when are you due?


Rainbowbrite - October 3

hello! I am feeling pretty good.. i get occasional headaches but other than that.. just frequent use of the restroom... I am due on March 21! i still have to wait all the way until Oct 25th to find out... such a long wait.... but that is okay because i think i'm feeling the baby moving from time to time so that gives me something to look forward to for the RIGHT NOW!!!! That is cute that your dh got to feel the baby...


izechsmama - October 3

congrats Rainbow... thats awesome about the movement.. the 25 will be here before you know it! i've had the headaches too... they get really bad... i had them with my first son too... Tylenol tends to be my friend on those days! thank God theres at least one thing we can take! are you enjoying your pregnancy? i love being pregnant... i want lots of kids! hehe... i had a small family growing up.. and my husband had a family of 12... so said at least 4 kids.. maybe 5... we'll see! is this #1 for you or? how many do you want?


Rainbowbrite - October 3

see and unfortunately i take tylenol as well but it doesn't help me.. tylenol has never been a good medicine for me to take as i don't really feel the affect of it.. but i take it anyway just to take the edge off.. other than that yes i've been enjoying the pregnancy... its funny how you can't wait for certain things.. like first you can't wait to get the confirmation at the doctors, and then hear the heartbeat, and then see your belly grow, and then feel your baby and find out what it is... lol.. but so glad we get to all take this journey together. this is number one for me and my boyfriend. he has two boys already, but it was a bad situation we'll just say.. so he actually gets to ENJOY this pregnancy with me... and is going to visits and stuff like that... where he didnt get to experience that before... LONG STORY.. but anyway... we're just over the moon.. If i had my choice we'd have like 7 kids!!! BUT i think financially we'll go with two or three!!!! Leave it there!


sarah21 - October 3

You know, this whole pregnancy is one big waiting game. Most of the time, you wait to ovulate. Then you wait to see if you get your period. Then you wait for this and wait for that. Good night the waiting never ENDS! But the anticipation makes it that much more fun.


staci - October 3



jennifer_33106 - October 3

OH YAY!! Congrats and welcome to the Febuary mamas!! (We rock) haha. I am dus on febuary 22nd and will be finding out this coming monday!!


whatisgoingon - October 4

Ooh Congrats!! Another boy, a little brother for your son, how special!! That is truly a blessing, I am so happy for you!! Was he measuring a week ahead of schedule and that is why they brought your due date ahead? What date in February are you expecting to deliver, I heard that most 2nd babies arrive earlier than the due date. Was your 1st son overdue or early? I can't believe you are only 2 months or so ahead of me!! Wow!! So you really weren't all that far behind me ;) hehe - Congratz again sweety, I been wondering where you been lately and what was going on and happened! :)



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