X Rays Safe

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Bibica - March 30

My TB test in my arm came out Positive, so they told me that I had to go for a chest X-ray to make sure there was nothing wrong. they told me that I needed to go on my 20th week. I am in my 20wk right now but I am really scared that the x-rays my affect my unborn child. Does any one know something about this?


Phoebe - March 30

We always do x-rays on pregnant women, all we do is shield the uterus so the baby won't be harmed... I know that they need to do a chest if you have a positive arm... but can't they wait... or do they need to give you some meds..?


Bibica - March 30

they are not sure if I have it, that is why they want me to have the x-ray so we could find out


mandy~ - March 30

here, in australia where i live they dont give x-rays, i have to wait till after baby is born until i can get my jaw x-rayed.


Vina - March 31

Phoebe, are you an x-ray tech? If yes, we can share experience. I'm a new tech, graduated less than a year ago. I'm now 13wk along, with my first baby.


Vina - March 31

Bibica, try to ask them to postpone it until you're further along (say 25-30wk). By then your fetus should already be more well formed and less sensitive to radiation. But if the doc insists on you doing it now, then he should know what he's doing. Just don't forget to mention it to the tech that you're pregnant, and want a "wrap around" lead apron.


PP - March 31

If they are concerned that the mother has TB it is worth doing the x-ray. There are treatment option for the mother and themother will need to be treated. I work on an ambulance and I can say that I wish everyone was tested for TB becasue it is contagious and very dangerous. They wil shield the baby from the x-rays which makes very minimal risks and the baby is already developed so there is little that can go wrong.


Michelle - April 20

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and went to my dentist. They gave me a number of x-rays for my teeth. Should I be concerned? She gave me a big heavy vest but she said she did not know I was pregnant...What are my chances of any harm happening to my baby?



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