Yaaay Pants Were Too Tight Today

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krc - January 27

Woohoo, Im 13 1/2 weeks and lately my belly has definately felt rounder although it just loooked like I needed to suck in my gut ! But a few days ago, after a horrible case of bloating I felt as though my belly grew some. Well this morning I put a pair of pants on that 2 weeks ago I still needed a belt to wear and this morning I DIDN'T NEED A BELT !!! lololol, they're nice and snug ! They're a size 10 and before I was pregnant I never wore them because they fell to the floor, even when I wore a belt it looked tacky cuz it would clump up. I was a size 8/9, 5-7, 130lbs. Im just really happy to know that my bump is finally starting to make itself known!!! It's still not much..but it's a start ! But this also means the closer I am too maternity clothes ! woohoo ! I love being pregnant. Any woman feel the same way ?


livdea - January 27

I've been feeling the exact opposite. I locked myself in the dressing room and cried because nothing fit. I just cried and cried and cried. Don't know why I feel like that, I've been waiting to show but now that it's starting to and none of my clothes fit, I'm getting really depressed! I even looked at some maternity clothes and about had a heart attack. I wish I felt like you krc! I'm honestly jealous, I just don't know what to do. I'm now 16 weeks and kind of showing...


krc - January 27

im sorry you feel that way. I think looking pregnant is the fun part. PLus when pregnant you get that healthy glow. Get to wear comfy clothes. I had a nice fit body to start out with, always try to look nice and s_xy for the guys, LOL, well my boyfriend !! or..ex I should say...whatever though... but what I mean is I was never stuck on my looks or my waist. I could care less about that and look forward to the changes in my body. Even if my body never looks the same again I dont care. My body doesn't define me. Have you been emotional during this pregnancy more so than usual? Sometimes it's a shock for women to see there body change and they can't do anyhting about it. Just remember that it'll go back. If you gain weight and b___st feed than you'll lose weight faster. Or you could be like my friend who had 2 kids and didn't even get a stretch mark !!!! She is 5-6 and less than 110lbs. A week after 2nd baby was born she was wearing her belly showing shirts!! Some people are lucky..maybe you will be..me too I hope


Emily Frank - January 27

I love looking pregnant. Now people think I am having a baby and not the a fat cow! hehe


Melanie - January 27

I think it's just a beautiful, wonderful, amazing thing! I'm 30wks, and sometimes I just have to giggle at this big ol' belly....it just seems ridiculous sometimes but I love it! This is some crazy adventure! Hang in there, livdea. I hope you're able to make some sort of mental shift and feel okay about your changing body. It's quite the experience to go through. There's bound to be some big changes to bring a new little life into the world....maybe you can look at it with a sense of humor or amazement rather than feeling yucky about it.


livdea - January 27

krc, I know you are right. I've just always been fit and trim, not really concerned but it's just been me from forever. I was super in shape, tall, athletic I looked great...and now, I'm just ugh feeling. I'm not quite showing so I just look kinda pudgy and I think that's what's getting to me. I haven't been to emotional through this pregnancy, but I've gone through a lot. I moved from hawaii to montana when I found out that my baby's father wanted me to get an abortion. I have no friends here, my only support is my mom and stepdad and its just been a huge adjustment in so many ways, I think maybe now everything is catching up with me. The reality of the fact that I'm having a baby and it's on my own, I'm not even in familiar surroundings...just a lot. I'm sure though, when my belly starts to get all round and big I'll be excited, just this inbetween stage I wasn't expecting I guess? Thanks though for your words.


Been There - January 27

LOL! Congratulations on the lack of a belt. I love being pregnant too. I just sit and think about how amazing it is that this person lives because I live. That we share the same space/body for a while, so I have to spend every moment of everyday making sure that everything I do, eat, drink is right for him. And I'm so proud to do it. I can't wait until it's apparent I'm pregnant.



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