Yea No Herpes Would You Sue

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Cassie06 - May 12

I just called the ER to get my results and the dr told me that I did not have any serious infection or STD, it was just a bad yeast infection. My ob is not in on Friday's so I called my heart dr and he agreed to call me in a prescription to help it heal up faster, I am in so much pain still!! Me and my husband are getting ready to go file a complaint on the nurse and dr, but my mother in law insists I should file a lawsuit for defammation of character and emotional trama. I havent eaten or slept in 3 days!!! What would you do? I am just so happy everything is ok but still so p___sed at the hospital!!!


Been There - May 12

Ca__sie06, I don't know what happened to you in full. I guess I'll have to find the post. Years ago I had a doctor not even look at me, just listen to my symptoms and tell me she suspected I had Herpes. I was upset for days until the results came back. It was just a yeast infection. I was very angry and decided to get a new doctor, but I know it's not illegal to suspect something and then be wrong. It sounds like you had an experience two times worse than mine. The good news is, they were wrong. File your complaint if your were treated wrong, but I'm pretty sure the lawsuit won't fly. I'm glad things turned out well for you.


Jen - May 12

I hate stupid doctors. I once had a doc who a__sumed every girl patient he had was pregnant and had STD's. He was a jerk.


Rebekah B - May 13

Great news! You should follow your instinct to turn the Doc and nurse in. I agree, writting is the best. Do you know anyone with a background in law that could give you more insight? I am not one for sueing, but I would like to see them a little shaken up.


Helene - May 13

Hi, Ca__sie! I read your other post about how you were treated. I agree that there is no defamation lawsuit due to the fact that he did not publicly post his "diagnosis" (for libel and slander you have to prove publication, identification, defamation and malice). However, the way the doctor and the nurse treated you was unethical and you have every right to file a complaint against him with the hospital. This man took an oath to serve his patients not jumpt to conclusions and insult them and possibly cause marital problems with his hasty, incorrect "diagnosis." I would laso demand a copy of the hospital records and be sure he didn't write anything about herpes in his intial report before the actual results came back. Definietly report the man to the admnistration and demand that you receive some sort of apoology because that jerk will continue to treat other women with the same contempt. He probably feels free to pas his judgments because in an ER he doesn't see these people as his breda and b___ter the way he would if he had patients who came to him regularly. So sad that there are so many wonderful doctors out there and you got stuck with one of the a--holes. I have had plenty of yeats infectiosn over the yeras and the y ar HELL! Bad enough to feel that miserable, but to be pregnant and scared that something is wrong and then to be treated like some unclean creature and humiliated - NO ONE deserves that! Even if you had actually had herpes. What a jerk.


Helene - May 13

Also - what kind of an idiot doc can't tell the diffrerence between herpes and a yeast infection? I have had sveeral docs over the years, and not one of them EVER confused my yeast infection symptoms with herpes. This jerk obviously thinks STD with every infection.


Erynn21 - May 13

Ca__sie this doctor treated you very poorly and seriously unprofessional, you definitely need to file a complaint. I was treated badly once by a physician and it really ticked me off. I had a serious UTI and knew that was what was going on I even had blood clots in my pee.(Sorry TMI) This guy was such a jerk he got into my personal history and was in general a jerk. He even was like well are you sure the blood isn't from your period, I was 23 @ the time like I didn't know when I was on my period. Then he started asking of my s_xual history, who and how many ppl I had slept w/, at the time I had been married for over 2 yrs. I kept telling him I know I have a UTI, finally he did a culture and what was wrong I had a UTI. Jerk, he just wouldn't listen to me. Anyway my story isn't as bad, but I have not and will not go to a male Doc. ever again, so many are on ego trips and try to make you feel like SH*T when you already feel bad as it is. File a complaint against this A** right now.


Trish# - May 15

What great news, Ca__sie! I'm an attorney and agree that any defamation suit filed by you would be quickly dismissed. Not only was there no "publication" by this doctor (ie, he'd have to tell a 3rd party), but you do not have adequate "damages" to justify a lawsuit. That's NOT to say you haven't undergone significant emotional distress b/c of this man! But you will need more than that (such as loss of reputation or if you lost your job over his comments). I know it's frustrating but I have personally written one letter to a doctor's office that I was highly dissatisfied with (also involved a misdiagnosis but nothing too major). I probably could've sued but really like the doctor and it was his NP that screwed up. But I won't get into it. Anyway, I got so much satisfaction out of writing the letter. It was not only great "therapy" for me but I also got to "set the record straight" and tell things like they were!! I highly recommend doing this. There may also be a board that you can file an ethical complaint with, if you are so inclined. That will likely involve lots of questions and interviews, which may or may not be the route you want to take. Or maybe you could write the chief of staff at the hospital, who will call the doctor in. There are lots of "audiences" you could direct your letter to. Best of luck, and I'm thankful your situation had the outcome that it did!!!


Ca__sie06 - May 16

hi everyone! I just got a call back from the head of the ER nurses, and she informed me that the nurse had been talked to and was also taken off of triage duty, and was on probation. She said she would pa__s the report on to the head of ER doctors and she would call and let me know what was going to happen to the dr. Its not a lot but it is good to know that nurse wont be able to treat anyone else like that.


scarlett - May 17

I would sue if I were you. Get some advice from your lawyer as to how to go about doing it. I'm glad you're fine! =)


HannahBaby - May 17

Awesome ca__sie. Who knows how many other people he did this to but they just didnt know how to go about filing a complaint. I have noticed lately that nurses are just a bunch of b___hy people. My dad was just in the hospital and i couldent stand his nurse. Good luck and i hope that doctor gets what he deserves!!



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