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me - December 21

Has anybody else expereinced recurrent yeast infections? I have none of the typical signs or symptoms of yeast, yet I tested positive for my 2nd one during my 2nd trimester! I wipe correctly and practice good hygiene. I thought I had a bladder infection today at my appt, and it turned out to be yeast! Anyone else have this problem?


25 weeks - December 21

I have recurrent yeast infections as well. I used to get them frequently before I got pregnant. Like you, I practice good hygiene and wipe correctly. Just have crazy pH problem downstairs. Well, I got pregnant and they magically went away...that is, until this week. I am majorly bummed that I have one and I am not sure what to use for it. I have the cream to use externally but I am hesitant to use any internal suppositories and stuff. I have a doc appt tomorrow so I can let you know what my doc recommends. In the meantime, take care.


Petra - December 21

I'm just got through my second yeast infection.....not something I usually get, so it has to pregnancy related. My midwife said to get Monistat 7, NOT the one or three day type. Good luck!


Stacy - December 22

I had one so bad I swore I would never walk again. It took 2 7-day courses to treat it. Since then I started taking acidophilius and have felt wonderful. As a plus, it also made me regular. Your immune system slows when you are pregnant so all these things like colds, yeast infections, etc,. are so much worse :-( :-)


25 weeks - December 23

Okay, so I have fun. Sorry, I have a different infection and cannot offer any advice.


Jennifer - December 23

i was just diagnosed with a yeast infection. The doctor prescribed me diflocan and it cleared up in a couple of days. I heard its common for women to get UTI's and yeast infections while pregnant so its nothing to worry about just be sure to get them treated


Mary - December 23

Hi. I was just wondering if I have a yeast infection. I don't want to bother the doctors and just want to go to wal-mart and get something for it if thats what it is. My symptoms are discomfort during s_x, a stronger smell of myself down there (sorry tmi) and it just hurts. It doesn't itch or anything but yesterday after s_x it burned some. Is that a yeast infection? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


bump - December 26



Jennifer - December 26

do you notice clumpy white stuff down there? thats a major sign. I don't think you have a yeast infection if it doesn't itch...most likely a urinary tract infection. I'd be careful about taking those monistat creams and stuff you can buy at walmart etc. I was going to use one but I talked to my doctor and she said that that can hurt the baby and she prescribed me a pill which worked just as well if not better. good luck


Donna - December 26

Hi there. Has anyone ever had bacterial vaginosis? I am debating on whether or not i have a yeast infection. My discharge is NASTY SMELLING, but no real itch. So i don't want to have to use the supp. if that's not what it is. Anyway, i know this is a rotten subject. lol THanx for any advice :)



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