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notnow - June 9

I have developed a yeast infection. I have only had 1 for as long as I can remember. I was reading that this can happen multiple times during pregnancy. Anyone experience this problem?


kelley32 - June 9

They are also very rare for me, but I got one right around the same time I got my BFP, maybe a couple of days later. I didn't take anything and byt the time I went to see my doc about it, it was gone on it's own.


SuzieQ - June 9

I just got diagnosed with one at 23wks. Barely any symptoms compared to what I had prepregnancy, but still there. My doc told me to use monistat or something, and use the 7 day cream kind (lower dose than the one day types)


eclipse - June 9

So, at 16 weeks, I developed a yeast infection. I hadn't had one in years. I took the prescribed medicine for 7 days, which seemed to make it worse. Turns out, because of the fabulous pregnancy hormones and my fun ability to develop allergic reactions to stuff, I was allergic to the medicine and had developed something called reactive dermatosis. New trip to doctor, new scarier medicine. It finally cleared up. My advice is get treated, but if the treatment doesn't seem to be working, go back to the doctor because hormones change the game.


notnow - June 9

My ob said to use monistat over the counter but he didn't say the 7 day. I was going to get the 3day treatment.


lexa - June 9

I got one with my first pg and my ob said to use the 3 day Monistat treatment. Knock on wood good so far with this one! If you like yogurt, eat it! It has the cultures in it to help avoid yeast infections (or really minimize them if you get them frequently). You'll be okay. Just another "nasty" side effect of being pregnant:-)


littlemama1022 - June 10

I get them all the time. I HATE THEM!! I am 30 weeks and I have already had like 4 of them. They usually prescribe Macrobid (SP) but it never worked for me so they gave me Metrogel(I Think) and I haven't had one since..In about 2 months...


San_dee - June 10

i got it twice in my first pregnancy and once so far this pregnancy, never had it before otherwise, i used the 3 day stuff, was gone instantly!!



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