Yogurt Is Ok During Pregnancy Right

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skylersmom - May 22

i just read a post that said something about yogurt and it gave me the impression that yogurt isnt all that great to eat during pregnancy? i thought it was a good thing to help keep yeast infections away?? if it is ok, is there any specific kind i should get? fat free, light, stuff like that? i just want to be sure because i eat ALOT of yogurt....my new fav is the yoplait thick and creamy.


drea - May 22

I think you just have to be careful of the ones with artificial sweetners in them. A LOT of reduced calorie yogurts have it. The one I eat is the Yoplait 95% percent fat free, which has sugar so it doesnt thave any artificial sweetners in it and they are really good. other than that Yogurt is REALLY good for you pregnant or not so enjoy...


mcatherine - May 22

Dannon Light N Fit / Dannon Light N Fit with Fiber (Not the creamy brand) is sweetened with Splenda, so you can eat yogurt and watch your sugar intake. Splenda is the only artificial sweetener proven safe during pregnancy (That I know of, anyway) I love yogurt - I even freeze it for treats. Yum...


Betul - May 22

I think the reason for concern with yogurt is due to listeria. But not to worry, in the US most yogurt is pasturized and therefore safe. Just check the labels to make sure it says pasturized. I eat plain yogurt daily and incorporate it into many recipes and meals. I also make my own with pasturized cream and milk. You can buy plain and add fresh fruit and goodies to it so that you are sure of what goes into it. Like the others said, it is an excellent source of calcium.


emilymalm - May 22

I think yogurt is great and my doc recommended it due to the calcium and bacterial cultures in it. I try and eat at least one a day and since I started doing that, have had no issues with yeast infections either. I tend to go for the natural yogurts that don't have artificial sweetners or high fructose corn syrup in them.


Taffy - May 22

So that you know, the sugar in Splenda is called sucralose and to my knwledge is the only (proven) safe sweetener during pregnancy. Sweeteners like aspartame are stimulatory neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) so I guess they could interfer with the development of the brain. Anyway who needs low fat at this time! Enjoy!



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