You Know What I Just Realized Since The April Moms Got Here

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jennifer_33106 - October 15

The January moms are already heading to the 3rd trimester and us Feb mamas are next!! Wow it seems this pregnancy is flying by!! Then the March mamas you all are next! Wow... Has anyone else thought about this!? Alot of us are already half way through our pregnancies... So in less the time it took to get here, we are gonna be holding our babies.... I look back at the 1st trimester forum and I feel like I was there yesterday just as I am sure some of the mamas in the third trim forum look at us. Wow .


cynthia502 - October 15

You just wait Jenn - before you know it, you'll be sending your little off to the first day of school. Cherish and enjoy each day!


sahm2alaj - October 15

I can hardly believe i am already begining my 7th month. I just hope the rest of the pregnancy goes as quick and smooth.


corbin289 - October 15

I know its crazy, I'll be half way in a week! It has so flown for me! I'm trying so hard not to rush it because I know this will be my last one.


jennifer_33106 - October 15

Oh i know!! Soon I will be crying as they trot off to school and sahm2alaj I cant believe you are that either!! I rememeber you getting your BFP. haha Corbin you too!! And I am trying to not rush either but dang it everytime i think about it another week has come and gone...


kristyn1028 - October 16

I know how you feel! I just moved over to the third tri board bc Im a Jan mommy, and it just seems like yesterday I was freaking out because the 8 tests said positive!! Yes, I needed a lot of confirmation...ha! I still come over here and see how all of you are doing though.. Im starting to get nervous as ever now, but excited too!!


Mel Page - October 16

Jenn, I'm 20w1d today so, yahoooooo like you said I'll be holding my little girl in less time that it took me to get here. I'm a first time mom and loving it!!!


jennifer_33106 - October 16

Kristyn~ Congrats on getting there!! I am 21 weeks 4 days and it is flying! So how does it feel to be there? Melony YAY!!!!!! YOU ARE HALF WAY THERE!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!


kristyn1028 - October 16

Oh its nerve racking for me. I dont know why but I have been soo excited about her coming until now....Now Im just scared to death! I know it will be wonderful, but im nervous about having a baby!


jennifer_33106 - October 16

haha well I am already nervous!! I keep thinking about how I will never be just Jennifer again. I will always be a mom forever!! I am afraid of not doing something right or letting them down. haha I guess its normal though. Im also afraid of L&D. haha I am afraid something is going to go horribly wrong. haha


kristyn1028 - October 16

Yes, its great of course, but I keep thinking Im only 20, Im not married, and this baby wasn't planned...Which is alright because me and that dad are together, want to get married and we want the baby, but it still worries me. What if I just fail miserably and the rest of my young life is gone. Im a mom now.. Im sure it will be the best thing ever, but its amazing how many friends I've already lost and she's not even here yet!! No more going out every weekend..doing as I please...Oh my!!


jennifer_33106 - October 16

hahah Definatly!!! Who else would I complain to about my numb a__s and heart burn!!??


KRISTINA - October 17

Jenn and Iamamiracleangel, you are military spouses? What branch and where are you stationed at?>


jennifer_33106 - October 17

Hey Kristina! My husband is in the Air Force. We are stationed at Holloman AFB in New Mexico but he works out at White Sands Missle Range which is about 40 miles or so from holloman so we just live out here. He is a Air Traffic Controller. Are you or your DH in the military?


Iamamiracleangel - October 17

My hubby is airforce also, we're stationed in Monterey, Ca. He is an arabic linguist at DLI... As soon as the baby is born we'll be in NE.


KRISTINA - October 18

Wow......My husband and I are both air force. We are stationed at Dyess AFB Texas. I wish we were in CA :) I am originally from Sacremento. My husband is from PA. Your husbands have good career fields. What are their ranks? My husband and I are AMMO troops and we are only Senior Airmen. My enlistment is up in June though and I may get out and become a house wife :) But thats only if they let my husband out as well. He is trying to get out early because he got a great job offer. He is deployed right now.....he is supposed to be coming back right around the time the baby is due, so we are keeping our fingers crossed :)


sahm2alaj - October 18

kristyn1028 -i took 9 tests to confirm!!! lol they got more expensive each time i bought them. I know they always say a line is a line, but I needed confirmation on a daily basis!!!



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