Young Lost And Pregnant

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Ann - November 8

Hi ladies. I am 19 years old and 22 weeks pregnant. I ive wiht my boyfriend whom I love very very much, but who also aggrivates me to the highest these past few!!! I am very happy about my pregnancy but I am very lost on what to expect and what to do to prepare. I have bought nothing for the baby... I dont know where to begin. Anyone else in the same boat? Any advice for previous mommies or maybe someone who has their stuff together???


Beth - November 8

Hi Ann. I don't think it matters if you are 19 or 30! When its your first there is always that fear of the unkown! I have bought very little for the baby and am depending on my family and friends to load me up at my shower ;-) We were given a crib, changing table, and high chair by friends and family who no longer need them. Are you guys going to take childbirth prep cla__ses together? In a couple of weeks you could start looking into that. I am 27 weeks and am on my third week of cla__ses. Its tough but take care of yourself!


Ann - November 8

Beth, thanks for the reply. I am so nervous... I can barely stand it!!! I hope to start taking childbirth prep cla__ses... I know my boyfriend will be there for that as well. He's very involved. He has gone to every doctors appointment I have had... I am lucky... I have myself a good man!!! My uncle is actually making me a crib and a changing table... I love hand-crafted things... I am very lucky with that one!!! My boyfriend inherited his grandmother's rocking chair... so all I really need as for as furniture is maybe a dresser. Clothes and such... I want to buy so bad, but I know with my family and his... we'll be in good shape. I just feel like I should be buying something now... maybe I should start collecting I dont know what to do to help


Michelle - November 9

Nope, it really doesn't matter if you are 19 or 30, I'm 30 (well, next month I will be), and I'm still at a loss as to what to prepare and expect etc. I also have bought nothing at all for the baby, and I too am 22 weeks (this saturday), so I think it is the same if you are 19, or 30, we are all in the same position. x


Michelle - November 9

PS; Ann, lets just hope all our friends and family help us out with ideas and organisation etc. . . he he x


Beth - November 9

The childbirth cla__ses are kinda silly but I have really enjoyed them and I think I have gotten alot out of them. Plus its a great bonding thing for hubby and me. I feel like he can be involved in at least something since he can never know how I really feel! I am so glad you have a great man too. It sounds like you have more then you think! I also started thinking about buyin diapers. Like while I am grocery shoppin just throw in some diapers too. But I stand in the diaper aisle looking at all my choices and I don't know which ones to get!! Hey Michelle thanks for backing me up on the age thing.


Michelle - November 9

Hi Beth and Ann, I really hope all goes well for us all, and I'm sure it will all slot in to place. I'm gonna do the cla__ses too, but I live in Paris so I've had to join a special community group that does it in English as the hospital only do it in French (obviously. . he he), anyway, the cla__ses are supposed to show us everything from breathing and relaxing, to what to expect after the little one arrives, so hopefully I'll learn some things in that area. . . Well, it's 8am over here, I've been up since 4am as I couln't sleep (no, not the riots, just haven't been able to sleep properly for a while now. . . ), off to work now, take care x


Ann - November 9

Good morning ladies. I'm glad I am not the only one lost. My boyfriend and I discussed buying a pack of diapers every payday... each time a different size.... but like you said, Beth... the choices are of so many and I would hate to buy c___ppy I am very blessed with a great hopefully theyll help.


Heidi - November 9

Well to be honest we have all been there, my way was to laugh it off and go with the flow...If you like it get, if you want it get....My point is, is that yrs ago women didn't get the choices us women these days get and believe the stories my mother told me were like no way for my baby....start small and simple, use common sense like blankets, clothes for the climate and things that are gonna be safe for bubbs and help you when you get out of hospital and that will make things easier to deal with when you get home... Have a think and you'll be amazed at what you'll buy and do for bubbs... cause when bubbs come you'll know and be helped from everyone and anyone when you least expect it....and that is great cause you don't knock those offers and advice back...take it in and do things with a happy outlook on life and things will go good if you are positive.... good luck..


goblair - November 9

I was 21 when we had our 1st. I have found that if you don't have friends that have already had kids, it is a pretty hard adjustment. Hubby and I had friends calling us at 9:30 to see if we wanted to go see a 10 o'clock movie. Invitations to parties and clubs and stuff just made us laugh. I stayed at home for the first 6 months and was so lonely. It wasn't until I got older and had more mom friends that I realized that older moms wouldn't look down their nose at me. My advise is to find a mom's group or something. It is so much nicer to go through the fist couple years of motherhood with a mom friend. I am about to be on the other end of the spectrum. Most my friends' kids are in school all day and I am going to be tied to my little one for the next 5 or so years. The first couple of months I think that it is worth it not to go with the c___ppy diapers. If you are going to b___st feed they have complete b__wouts and you really want something that won't leak. Later, after solids are introduced the c___ppy diapers are fine if they don't cause a rash. But so much of that stuff is personal opinions that you will figure out soon enough. You will be a pro before you know it.



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