Zoloft And Pregnancy

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curious - November 20

anyone know any info. on taking zoloft while pregnant? i was on paxil before pregnancy and went off in first tri. cause i heard some negative things. dr gave me zoloft to take in second tri. supposed to be ok during pregnancy. i have not taken it yey cause i have been feeling pretty good without it. but i am 20 weeks now and thinking about starting it, so i was just wondering if anyone has any info about being preg, and taking zoloft. thanks


Dia - November 20

Hmmmm, I am not going to be much help, but I was taking Lexapro, which is a very, very mild anti-depressant/anxiety medicine and my doctors told me I HAD to go off of it. However, my SIL is on Well-butrin XL and has been taking it her whole pregnancy, even in the first tri. I would go by what your doctor says and what you feel would be best. I think with these types of drugs, the ideology is...if they are more beneficial than harmful for you, then take them. For instance, my SIL would be a mess without them, so she definitely needs to take them...but no b___stfeeding!! Good luck to you!!


to curious - November 20

Be careful with any pharmaceutical at any time, not just pregnancy. These pharmies with fancy or weird names by Bayer, Glaxo-Wellcome, Aventis, Ely-Lily, etc... they are really herbal remedies found in nature that are chemically messed with in a lab for the basic purpose of being able to put a patent on them make $. The research is difficult to do because pharmaceutical companies are extremely rich & powerful... they have the largest lobbying power out there, so they hire big PR firms to cover stuff up for them, amongst other tactics to create a subterfuge. They have doctors in their pockets too, sometimes unbeknownst to the doctors themselves, which is pretty scary & sad. It's also frightening how many folks they have convinced just need a pill to make it all better... & how many of us just HAPPEN to have ADD, bipolar disorder, and unipolar depression. What are the preventions anyway? We're only told about the "cures." Why is there an epidemic of childhood diabetes in the US right now? Don't ask me that, says a doctor, just take this pill & see me again in a month. Now I'm not suggesting that you take herbal remedies even in their plainest form while pregnant without knowing what you're doing or asking a doctor even. This is just a heads-up about pharmies in general. Be careful, ladies! Thanks for reading this. And good luck with all your pregnancies! May you have healthy, beautiful babies!


FYI - November 20

I have to disagree with the last comment. I have worked in the mental health field for several years and have seen positive results for those who took antidepressants and anti-psychotics. And by the way, Bipolar is a genetic disorder and many folks are genetically predispositioned to have depression...not something drummed up by doctors. Mental illness doesn't go away with diet and exercise for Bipolars, Schizophrenics, or those with Major Depressive Disorder. While the drug companies do make a lot of money off of their products, their drugs do receive what is called a black box warning when it is considered dangerous to take and may lead to type 2 diabetes, addictions, etc... And many of them are outed on television and in the newspapers when they receive warnings like this. I would suggest that you try to wean off the antidepressant if you can. If you start to feel depressed/anxious or having a hard time coping, talk to your doctor about the antidepressant, Buspar. It is safe during pregnancy. I worked with a Psychiatrist who prescribed this drug to pregnant patients and informed them immediately to wean off of their other medications. I have had many pregnant clients take this drug and they go on to have healthy babies. Good luck to you.


to FYI - November 20

Sorry, but you're in a catch-22 conundrum with my argument since you WORK for the mental health profession. It's likely that you are promoting the same detrimental drugs that I've only seen harm my friends & loved ones more than they did any good. (Forgive her for she knows not what she does.) And these situations are recounted by many if you just look around. And no, I don't believe that everyone who is diagnosed as bipolar, for example, really is. Also, I have at least one friend who was diagnosed as schizophrenic when he was a teen because he was moody & his opinions dissented from the "norm." Really? A moody teenager? My brother was diagnosed with ADD as a fourth grader because he wouldn't pay attention in school. I'm talking "wouldn't." I & many people have felt the same way as we were made rigid for the workplace in our cla__srooms, but luckily we pa__sed under the ADD radar. He had a terrible teacher that year. But he was made to take ritalin. After it was apparent that it did more harm than good, he was taken off of it & continued to be his usual self. He went on to be in the National Honor Society in high school, learn how to play several music instruments over his life (including the guitar, which he is a genius at playing), dean's list the entire time he was in a university, and landed a $45K/year job right out of school. Yet according to "mental health" standards, he's ADD... even still! My bf is another example. He was put in an inst_tution as a teen by parents who fought a lot & had their own issues, was given lots of meds, & his teeth rotted out. Nothing else came of the meds. Yet another example is of a friend who had prostat_tis. He was given the once over, told to take this med, which made him worse. He went to another doc who gave him another med to heal the damage from the first med... & it made him WORSE! He finally went online & saw THOUSANDS of accounts of people who were irreversibly damaged from both of these pharmaceuticals. Another friend was put in an inst_tution as a teen... much for the same reasons (wow! moody teenager? who woulda thought it?), & she observed everyone being diagnosed as bipolar at the basest level & carelessly dosed with Lithium. The stories go on... Cigarette makers, too, are required to put warnings on their products, but does that stop so many who smoke from doing so? Advertis____nts are powerful tools. People would love to think they couldn't possibly be hoodwinked by ads, no one wants to feel a pawn, but think about it: Why DO companies pay millions of dollars for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl each year? They're entertaining you, and you're buying into 'em... literally! Doctors (and others in the med field) are not immune.


FYI - November 20

It appears that your comments are inappropriate and "curious" asked for advice, not a debate. Perhaps, this is not the appropriate forum for you.


to FYI - November 20

Appropriate enough for you to have answered the first post I made. Suddenly not appropriate when I have points you simply can't rebuke. Hmmm...


Ava - November 20

I have just happened upon this post and I agree a little bit with both of you. I also think our medical system is too apt to jump on the "pill" bandwagon, especially with ADD. Then, I think its a parents job to decide if that is what they want to put their child on - do their own research and stuff. However, I also agree with FYI regarding genetic imbalances that people DO need medicine for. My DH is military and spends MONTHS every year overseas and I get so depressed I can hardly move. It is not something I can control, because I try to. I try to force myself to do stuff, but I physically can't do it. The doctor put me on antidepressants and I felt a lot better - it really helped me. I am currently off them, but I think they were warranted in my case. So, with that said...I think "to FYI" needs to calm down a bit - this really has nothing to do with your personal beliefs....state your opinion and move on, but don't argue about it like a child.


to Ava - November 20

You argue just as I do... using personal examples. Guess you're just as childish. Why does no one read carefully? There are alternatives to pharmaceuticals, safer & just as effective if not more so, just not accredited for the reasons I've stated above. Pharmies are certainly not the end-all-be-all of solutions. Far from it.


Ava - November 20

This is a joke right? You are really Tom Cruise, aren't you? That is so funny! I have always wanted to meet him - just hope you don't have PPD!!


Drew - November 20

Ava, that is funny! I do agree that "to curious" is on a self-rightous soapbox here. Thanks for providing the entertainment!!


kendall - November 20

to curious, i was on zoloft a few yrs before i got pg for mild depression i weaned myself off and started feeling more depressed about 1 yr before i got pg due to a m/c my doc said he would put me back on it but he would then wean me off in my 6th month so the baby doesnt depend on it like i would so i decided not to take it because when i was first taking it i felt great but if i missed a day i would be a MESS i didn't want to have to go through that again my emotions are so messed up anyway i don't need an antidepressant to help with that. i would recommend to talk to your doc some more and really tell him/her what concerns you and if you feel good without it you may be ok but you definitely don't want to have post pardom depression when the baby comes, good luck to you and i hope this may have helped a little better than the others.


AMY - November 21



Nat - November 21

curious, I take wellbutrin, and I am in 2nd trimester and my doc says all is fine with taking the medication. I have been a counselor for 7 years, and understand the hormonal changes we women go through during pregnancy and see a great benefit from an antidepressent or anti-anxiety drug. The argumentative ladies here are probably taking or have taken stimulants or depressants themselves...alcohol, coffee.


curious - November 21

to nat, amy, kendall Thanks for your advice!


Joy - November 22

I am on Lexapro, and am in my 5th month. I have been on it for almost 2 years now, and am so greatful for the people who created it. I take it for anxiety, and my life has improved greatly. My husband says he has his wife back! When I was considering becoming pregnant, I did a lot of research on Lexapro and pregnancy, and consulted 4 different doctors with different specialities. They all agreed that it was safe to take, and that the only side effect would be that the baby is a bit lethargic at birth, but that it would wear off in a few hours. I was told that the damage I could inflict on the fetus with the high blood pressure and stress I was enduring could be more harmful then anything the Lexapro could do. There are no long term studies on babies, because it is pretty new, but so far everything is safe. **Ava, I too was thinking it was Tom Cruise on the site! I am truly not a fan now after his rants. Interesting how people feel they are experts, when they have never walked in someone else's shoes...


Kiddolebel - November 28

I was on zoloft my ENTIRE pregnancy with my son who is now 2 and he came out PERFECT and Healthy. So dont worry =) Your baby will be fine. If anything the zoloft will help keep the edge off anxiety. I dont agree with that whole thing about drugs being bad and such. I think Ill listen to someone who has a doctorate degree before I listen to someone who just has a certificate.



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