1 Yr Of Unprotected Sex And NOT PREGNANT

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bgzy - November 3

h__lo ladies. i just had to come on here and vent, and, hopefully, by venting, get some insightful advice from other women out there going throught he same thing. it has been exactly 13 months of trying to conceive and still no success. i am 22 years of age and my partner is 23 years of age. due to that stress, among other factors that are taking a toll on both of us, plus our relationship, we've taken a break. could it be all the stress that hasn't enabled us to conceive? or could it be that there is something wrong with one or both of us (however, i was pregnant in the past by someone else, many years ago)? ladies...sometimes the world is a strange reality.


tish212 - November 4

it could be the stress...if u focus too hard on it...it can cause more difficulty in concieving. also since u said u were pregnant in the past u might want to get him checked out...brng that subject up lightly men can take offense if u imply their little men aren't working up to par... so maybe ofer to both go and get checked...I went 5 years unprotected with nothing not even a singal pregnancy...when I finally got fed up with temping and ovulation kits I went to my dr....turns out I had stage 4 endometriosis...(the pain of that is soooo insane) and the scar tissue from it was so bad it was connecting my bowel to my abdomin and other organs to my abs... so they had to remove them and put them where they go...and destroy the scar tissue...I had s_x 6 days after surgery...and guess what I got pregnant.... a same day surgery (that was a little hard to totally recover from because it was worse than we knew) but still I am due in dec...so go now and see ur doctor...don't wait like I did.... gl....hope it helps!


wildsun - November 4

My fiance and I have had unprotected s_x for almost 4 years now. Not trying to get pregnant but not trying prevent it either. To our suprise, we concieved in late August! Just goes to show that their may not be a problem with either party, nature just runs it course. But if you are interested in getting pregnany, A: work out your differences and make sure it is what is really right for you, and B: See your doc!



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