2 Guys Missed Period Positive Home Pregnacy Test

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Crying my eyes out - May 20

I began my menstrual cycle on the 15th of April and I came off on the 20th. I had s_x on the 21st with my boyfriend and unprotected s_x on the 26th with another guy. He only preformed oral s_x on me but in doing so his "manhood" did make contact with my "womanhood" with no condom. Then I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend on the 4th of May and on the 8th of May. I took a home pregnacy test on the 19th of June and its positive. So now im pregnant and I am unsure about who the father could be. Is there any to predetermine who is the father?


Brent - May 22

Paternity testing is pretty straightforward and will cost from $150-500. The problem is where to get the test samples from. You will need DNA samples from both men and from the baby. Don't believe what you see on tv about getting DNA from saliva on a soda can or a piece of chewing gum; these are cases where investors are desperate for evidence and MIGHT be able to get DNA. However, I don't know of any paternity testing lab that will accept a soda can, chewing gum, or hair from a brush. Paternity test labs will require a high quality DNA sample which typically means either mouth swab or blood sample. Obviously, with either of these two methods both men will know that they are being tested. This will cost about $250. The only way I know of to test without their knowledge is from a s____n sample. Most labs will not accept s____n samples but I know of one that does: http://www.paternityexperts.com/ You can't collect s____n from a condom with spermicide but you can get it in many other ways such as a condom without spermicide or simply wiping s____n off of your skin. You would send the s____n soaked fabric to the lab after it has been allowed to air dry and placed inside a paper envelope. Since you are certain that the father has to be one of the two you could just test your boyfriend. If you get a positive match then that is all you need to do, however, if you don't get a positive match you won't know for sure if the sample was bad or if the other guy is the father; the only way to be sure is to get a positive result. But, it would probably be easiest to test the boyfriend's DNA first. A straight paternity test with one potential father would only cost about $140 but s____n requires extra processing so this cost could be more like $300-400. Okay, now you have your boyfriend's test sample but you still need one from your baby. All of the methods for collecting the sample from an unborn baby cost a lot more than the paternity test. The easiest sample to obtain is from amniocentesis which is removing some of the fluid from the womb. This fluid contains skin cells that have been shed by the growing baby and should be able to be processed the same as a mouth swab. You'll have to check with the testing lab for the proper way to have this sample processed. Amniocentesis is the easiest but you have to wait until later in the pregnancy. The only other method is chorionic villi samping which is removing a bit of tissue from the placenta. This is a more expensive procedure and has more risk to the baby. Again, you would have to check with the paternity lab for processing this type of sample. For example, the hospital or clinic that takes the fetal sample may be able to prepare it as well for paternity testing. Most OB/GYN clinics can advise you about chorionic villi and amniocentesis testing.


Wow - May 22

i don't know maybe you should get a blood test or you should of neva been doing what you did!



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