3 In One Night

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danni - November 4

one night i was really drunk, and me and my boyfriend had s_x 3 times. but i can not remember if we used protection, and i am 3 months late for my period. but i have always had an unpredictable period. I have not gained any weight nor any signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness. Im to scared to talk to any one please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


david - November 4

u so need a pregnancy test


danni - November 4

well kim i think that u dont know me and how worried i am. how would u like it if u was three months late for ur period. How dare u call me a skanky b___h I bet ur a virgin..........


KM - November 5

how is she skanky for having s_x with her BOYFRIEND. you know nothing about her s_xual history Kim. Honestly, grow up and don't be so narrowminded, jacka__s.


Dee - November 5

Hi, I really feel sorry for you. Look the first thing to do is calm down. You have to find out whether or not you are pregnant first. Then deal with the answer. Get a pregnany test done. Pick up a home test. If it is positive, its not the end of the world. Good luck with it and mostly take care of yourself.


Kris - November 5

Wow Kim.....I'd be willing to bet you are a complete saint who has NEVER done anything wrong. YEAH RIGHT! I think we can all tell who the skank is just by the language you use. You are certainly no lady, and I am sure you never will be! But rest a__sured, I am sure some drunk, fat, disgusting red neck might find you attractive enough to want to screw you....if your lucky!


cs - November 7

first of all i don't think you need to drink any more and get a pregnancy test or talk with your doctor. don't be scared and once you find out if you are are not get married because s_x is for married people. and try to be a little bit more responsible in the future, because if you are pregnant you do not want to bring a baby in a lifestyle that you are your boy friend is living God help yoooou


v - November 18

danni how are you doing now?have you takin your test yet?I hope everything turns out well for you!! o yah I know you were upset with Kim,but there is nothing wrong with being a virgin;) Best wishes to you!



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