7 Days Dpo Bloated Cramps Pink Spotting Am I Pregnant

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Hoping2bmommy - August 26

Hey everyone!!! I am new to this and i have been reading everyones topics! So I have one now and i need ADVICE! So my husband and I have been trying for a few months, and i thinnk this may have been the month? I got my period on Aug. 4, and i have a normal 29 day cycle. We had s_x from the 10-18 which is around the time i should be ovulating. Now , I am 7 days dpo, and I yesterday when i went to the bathroom, and wiped i had a drop or two of pink blood, almost not noticeable. Then wiped once more, and had another drop ((sorry TMI!)) BUTTT since then, i have had no more blood? Could this have been implantation bleeding? Also, since the 18 ( which i THINK is the day i conceived), i have been feeling nauseated at random times throughout the day, and only the past few days have been having to pee more. OH also on the 18, i had EXTREMELY sore hurting nipples for two days , so bad i had to put ice on them, and i never have that! But then it went away? So im a week before my period now, i have: -Nausea -Peeing lots -Tender, veiny br___ts - Lower cramps in my abdomen, feels like mild period cramps, one even ran into my leg? - And also, the bumps around my nipples are more noticeable. ONE MORE THING: I woke up at 4:30 in the morning last night, and REALLY had to pee, and i had SUCH bad cramps/bloated gas it was making me feel sick, kind of felt like AF was coming!!! Is this in my head, or do you think i could be pregnant?? Hoping to be a mommy!!!


marco - September 10

Hi, I had all the staff you counted and the DR told me last week im 5.5 weeks pregnent so did you see you DR


lilbabijem - September 25

hello Im kinda the same, I've had positives test fadey at first but today its darker the 2nd line, Had bloods done they came back as pogestiam levels was 66% which is good, but hormone levels didnt show anything. Ive had same symptons cramping (mild) Urinating alot Sore b___bs Sleepy You should do a test hun :) Or go and see your doctor xx xx



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