Burning Down Below After Sex

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Mandi_Lin - January 26

After my husband and I have s_x, I get a burning sensation down below, does anyone know what could cause this? And no we don't use condoms or Lubs or anything we found out when we were dating that I was allergic to Latex....almost the same result now that I am pregnant 26 weeks could the baby be the cause of it?


Same Here - January 27

You could have a yeast infecton, or some kind of bacterial infection. I've had the same symptoms, and more infections since being pregnant. I'd talk to the dr. about it, and ask about testing for bacterial infections.


April - February 1

I am 30 weeks and my husband and I had s_x 2 weeks ago and it burned so bad after that now I am scared to have s_x again because the pain. It is frustrating though because he is wanting to, but I really don't want to deal with the burning consequence.


same prob - February 3

take the imly seed and chew it u will come out from this


J - February 4

drink lts of cranberry juice you guys..that alwayshelps.. good luck


heidikoedel - February 4

I have the same problem as u do Mandi...but, It just started like two days ago. It not only burns but now it is really sore. I am chalking the soreness up to be from where I love it ROUGH! What can I say. The rougher the better. However, my man don't wanna do it that rough because of the "baby"....LOL ! Who really knows what's wrong. You should call a nurse online or your O.B.


Buttercup - March 19

umm..happened to me before....if you are nto wet enough at the time of intercourse then it can cause very small tears in your viginal wall and the small tears can burn when they come in contact with c_m


little_snowball - March 20

i also strated a thread on this and got a lot of helpful replies. it's called "burning pain after s_x" so if you don't get what you need here, try looking there.


jellybabe - March 23

Yep. I had the same.I am now 24 weeks pregnant and a few weeks ago it started. It was as if Dh couldnt get 'it' in and it was swollen even when lubricated. But at least its better now. I think its due to more blood flow which makes it more swollen. It burnt when I wee'd. I took tpaper and wet it with cold water and held it there for a while to take cool the burning. It helped. Also put some v____al cream around the area. Now its not so sore anymore.



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