Should I Go Back On The Pill Without Telling My Husband

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Sandy - February 13

My husband and I are in our early 30s and have two kids one is 3 one is 6 months. I am br___t feeding and have not had a period. my husband wants to have another kid now he has convinced me too stop taking the pill and we have unprotected s_x. I just don't know if the time is right after just having one. He said will it really matter in 100 years if we have a kid now or later. He would like maybe 4 kids. Since I am not sure about this right now I have been giving him oral a lot and I mean swallowing and everything (sorry) just to keep from getting pregnant. He watches the kids. He said its easy for him and could handle more. Should I go secretly back on the pill? Or should I just go for it and get having kids out of the way now. The only thing is he brings up the point it could take a while (Evan though we got pregnant on the first tries) and that now we have a choice about kids but we wont always have the choice and would feel bad if we missed out. I would like 1 or 2 more and I can't handle much more oral. Is the pressure on me at 32 if I want 2 more? Will I regret not having all the kids I wanted when it to late? What would you do?


j - February 13

If you are breasfeeding you might not get pregnant right away,I do not know what to tell you that is a tough question?but if you want another go for it if not go on the pill and do not tell him.I have 5 kids and in my early 30.s also got pregnant with number 6 and baby is only 10 monthes,its hard but better to get it over when you are not to old,...Sorry could not be more helpful


Hi Sandy - February 15

If I were in your shoes, I'd rather keep giving him oral and keep swallowing than get pregnant before you are ready. I don't think you should have another one if you are not ready. I think giving him oral will keep him occupied and satisfied until you are ready for another baby. Just keep swallowing.


To Sandy - February 16

Sounds like you are being pushed into something you are not ready for to me. I would talk it over with your husband and tell him your concerns. It takes the body, on average, 2 years to recover fully from a pregnancy. Maybe tell him that yes, you do want more kids, but you'd rather have a break first between your youngest and your next one. I think it is best to wait until you are BOTH ready to have another child.


Poppins - March 3

Hi Sandy, I don't think you have to decide right now about another baby. It might be another matter if you had a history of fertily problems but you don't. You and your husband need to communicate about this. Tell him you are not ready emotionally yet and make a date to talk about it on your baby's first birthday. It could be very damaging to your relationship if you deceive him, though. What has he said when you say you just don't want this right now. His feelings are not more important than yours. I think you have plenty of time. I'm almost 32 and this my first pregnancy possibility ever. Good luck. Keep us posted.


Don - March 16

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