A Cyst, Ovulation, & A Period, OH MY!

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taraspride82 - November 14

Hi all, I am new to this. But I was hoping to find someone that has experienced anything similar to me!!! Just want to give ya some background first. So in the beginning of this year, it was found that I have a ping pong ball size cyst, I was supposed to  get it checked again, but couldn't afford to. So every month my period cramp are way worse then they ever were. I'm also one of those women that can feel it when I ovulate, according to my calendar I was not ovulating on the 11-2, but my body said I was, and it was the last day. We tried to concieve that day, since then I have been throwing up, headaches, frequent urination, etc.. I took a test on 11-12 and it was negative. And then on 11-13 I got my period.  my question is can I still be pregnant, I really feel like I am, but since my period started a day earlier then scheduled I am worried that I can't be. Also if you had a cyst while pregnant, can you share your experience? PLEASE HELP!!! any and all advice is appreciated!!!


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Most cysts do not affect fertility. Many cysts resolve without treatment. Cysts often give symptoms that can be confused with pregnancy. Run a couple of home pregnancy tests at one week intervals. If they are both negative chances are high that your cyst problem has come back.


taraspride82 - November 22

Thank you for the advice!!! I appreciate it. I actually went to the gyno today, and they took my blood, and wrote me a script for a pelvic ultrasound for next week. and this time around I did get my period on the 13th but by mid day on the 14th it was gone, which is weird. and I am ovulating now, which the doctor thought was weird since its too early for my cycle?? Idk its so confusing, but I do know my body, and something isn't right, hope I can get some answers on monday. again thank you



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