Abortion Or Not

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Hunny - February 8

I had an abortion when I was 20 (I'm 23 now), and it never really affected me. Obviously it was not an easy decision and definitely not a nice thing to go through, but I wasn't emotionally affected after it. Anyway I now suspect that I am pregnant and had decided to abort again but today have been onto a few websites regarding abortion and development in a pregnancy and it made me feel awful. I never realised that a baby was so developed and cannot beleive people have them up tp 20wks!! I just dont know what to do now. Im not ready for a baby (and before anyone says 'well you should have used contraception' - I did and it didn't work!). I'm just so confused now. No one will want me to have this baby I know it, and because I have been so 'for' abortion in the past I dont fell that anyone is going to understand that I just dont feel like I can go through with it.


Hey Hunny - February 9

I have also had an abortion (15 yrs ago). I was not ready either. It didn't affect me at first either but now I think about it all the time. I wish I would have considered adoption. I know the abortion you speak of at 20 wks....I followed up on it. It is very brutal. Please don't worry about what others think. this is your life sweetie, make your own desions based on what you believe is best for you and this baby that you may be carrying. If there is any doubt in your mind about having the abortion, don't do it. Think about other options. Please keep us posted. Best of luck to you both. God bless.


cheryl - February 9

[email protected] or my website http://www.geocities.com/bctraveler2000/child.html


To: Hunny - February 10

I'm 22 now and had my first baby when I was 21. I too was amazed at how developed a baby is so young. You don't often hear about that. All through my pregnancy I got a book and looked at pictures of it. When it is a month or two old it already has hands and feet!!!!!!! I started to become so attched to my baby, because I could imagine every heart beat, and each day I thought about everything growing. You're older than I was and I'm sure you can do it too....... you have alot of love to give. I look at my son and I love him so much. Before you decide what to do, you should really get a book of pictures of the baby's development inside you. If you can look at those pictures without any attachment, than the decision is made. I do wish you the best with this decision. You could e-mail me if you want at [email protected] Maybe we could talk or whatever. Oh and don't worry about what other people think........just think about your baby and what you want for it. That will help you decide.


Ruth - February 11

Say no to ABORTION, please sweety, save the baby! Ask God for forgiveness about ur previous abortion. He will forgive you and you will not have any more thoughts about it. If God gave you the baby, he will give you whatever you need to take care of the baby, just ask HIM. He is the one that will understand when everyone fails to, even when we sin. I pray about you.


to hunny - February 13

dont abort again,if contraception fails maybe you should keep your legs shut till you are mature enough!


nikki - February 13

i encourage you to keep your baby!! Please. You will be so surprised of what a miracle your baby will be in your life! the moment you have this precious baby you will realize that you made the right choice! I promise. And don't care about what other people think, don't let them judge you. You know how great of a mother you can be.. Good luvk----i hope you make the right choice sweety


ASHLEY - February 18



Hunny - February 24

Well I had decided not to go through with an abortion, but unfortunately I miss carried last week. It was an awful experience as I had just started getting use to the idea of having my baby, and now it's gone.


Cheryl - February 24

Hunny I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. I will pray that you will find peace and comfort during this difficult time.


Shawna - March 3

You answered your own question. It already bothers you. If you do it, you will regret it for the rest of your life. I was raped a few weeks after I was with my boyfriend, and thought the baby was a result of that, and I knew eventhough I was in college, had little income, and knew nothing about babies...I could not have an abortion, nor could I consider adoption. Do you think there may be a reason you are pregnant again, and having second thoughts? It is your life, and your baby's. What makes you think you aren't ready. I thought I wasn't ready (I was 21), and what a gift my son has been! He saved me from me! I know women who didn't regret having abortions until later in their lives. You already know the answers...what is your heart trying to tell you? Be blessed.


Shawna - March 3

I didn't read all the answers before I wrote. Maybe that was God's gift to you and the baby...maybe you can't handle it, or maybe you were just supposed to realise what a gift you were given, and to appreciate it. Now, it's time to mourn your unborn children. My prayers are with you.


monet - March 4

I too had an abortion at 20 and the first week it didnt hit me. Weeks after I cried and cried. I think I may be pregnant again but I know my family doesnt want me to have a baby either but if I am pregnant I will never get an abortion again. Its painful. I know you might feel lonely right now, but the one person I called on was GOD he was there for me when no one else was. So pray to him. God Bless.


Kim - March 20

Hunny, I feel for you, you must be scared to death, I remember being 23 as well and the world is such a scarey place, my sister also had two abortions and am familiar with her pain. My 6 year old little girl Emily died of an intestinal virus with an onset of cardiac arythmia just a few weeks ago, I'm completely devestated by my loss, a loss I could not have possibly conceived until AFTER I held her in my arms for the very first time, she was my only child, I'm still greiving and will be forever for her, I know her only as a precious gift, too good to be true because I always felt that anything good in my life has always been taken away. I came here originally because I wanted so badly to tell anyone thinking of abortion and plead, I will treasure that little baby in any mother who just cannot take care their child. You see... I never wanted children, ever there was never a dream to have a child in me. I too was "thinking about an abortion" but just could not do it. All through the pregnancy I thought I could envision the burden of this child, I knew nothing at all, she was my joy of all joys, my little sidekick, my buddy, my "little peanut" I so loved my little girl like I have never loved another. I moved from Pa to SC to Homeschool her, to keep her safe in my love, moving to the country we built our own farm where she had goats and chickens, and a handsome little potbelly pig named "Bacon bits", we started laying out a stable (she loves horses) built an inground pool because she loves to swim, she was such a little fish but prefers to be called a "mermaid". I'm an artist and I painted her room in fairies, mermaids, unicorns, elves, you name it, I have some online pics as well, I just adored my baby girl, I cannot tell you how gosh darn beautiful little children truly are, what they teach you, that they in fact give so much more then we can ever give to them no matter how materially wealthy we are or are not, they sure love their "mommy's" and when they call you, "momma" for the first time, there is nothing to compare their sweet voice to except an Angel from Heaven Hunny. My heart is so empty now I yearn for her like I have not yearned for anything else... I'm a momma without my objection of love and affection here with me to lavish all the love I have inside me for her on. I'm devestated by such a great loss, I know she is irreplaceable, I wish everyone knew this about children. My only consolation (and it is my only one) Though I have great faith in a wonderful God and cherish the love and grace that proved itself in my little girls life and the innocence and affection that grew in that kind of fertile soil. I'm glad that she will be my "little" angel forever and not grow up in this hard world, I longed to only protect her little precious soul and keep her in her innocence, its this light in children that makes everything pail in comparison. I've been looking all week into adoption because I might not be able to have another baby, my heart aches, my void is immeasurable, and my life is so dark without her in it, I'm completely broken hearted, I can do nothing but cry, if only those who carrying children were able to know what they hold within them before they made their decisions they would never make the decision to do so. I realize there are different situations, like many I cannot even phathom, but those of you who can sit for a moment and think, there are those of us who have no illusions about having a child, who are not "dreamers" in our decisions to "test out" our parenting skills who have lost a child and can't have another and would lay down our lives for the child you hold within you, please remember your child and "us" as well so that you can perhaps make another choice the one your conscience might dictate. Then you will not only know you helped your child but another whose heart would be devoted to his/her wellbeing and would only desire their best interest and know there are those of us heartbroken because we cannot find ourselves in the position you might be dreading right now. I'm looking at the process of adoption... and I'm so depressed, 15 million children over in China because of the "one child law" and what happens to them in the "system". The Lord desires us to care for those in this kind of distress such as widows and orphans, yet the system makes this such a long lengthy process and children overseas suffer the most. This cannot be how God designed it.... This is so so sad. If I could hop on the next plane and bring them back today I would do that right now but unfortunately there are profits to be made at the childrens expense and government hoops to jump through, I dread the whole process, I wish it were easier to help children. My hearts completely crushed. God bless you Hunny and may your heart make the best decision, I'd tell you right now, if you can't have this child, I would so love to adopt him/her, I sure wish I could be pregnant right now. Hugs to you Kim Rees S.C.


sm to monet - March 22

hunny, life can be like that, wehn you think about terminating a pregnancy then decide not to fate (maybe god) throws it back in your face. And i didn't have emotia___l problms with abortion until after I had my baby. Then it hits you hard. Monet, dont worry about your family, mine thought I wasnt cut out for motherhood, now they visit all the time and tell me what a great parent I am. You go and have your babe.



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