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coke78 - December 23

well...its me once again. this problem is a little different..okay well i have a huge feeling that i mite be pregnant and im only 17!! but theres another problem im kind of addicted to pills like xanax, lorotabs, i took two xanax bars like a hour ago. i know its bad but i been stressin so much these past few months and they seem to make me feel better but i want to stop if im pregnant..i wanna stop period..but the pills are always around me..i havent took a pregnancy test yet becuz i thank its to early..i dont want to harm the baby if i am..but its sooo hard to stop takin them..i need help tryin to slowly stop takin them just in case but im not sure how..i need help planin on takin a test tho and seeing..even if i aint i wanna stop..any advice??


Malica - December 23

Regardless if you're pregnant or not, your doctor is the best one to talk to about overcoming this addiction. Depending on how many pills you are taking, going cold turkey might actually be safer to both you and your unborn child than continuing to use even if it's less. When you say you're only "kinda" addicted, that leaves me to believe you're not taking pills all the time to be constantly high, so the ups and downs you're already feeling are your body going through withdrawal between each time you pop the pills. If you were constantly using than the withdrawal might be too much shock for your baby's system, but if you aren't constantly using you're already subjecting your baby to that shock so going cold turkey would be preferable so you stop subjecting your baby to the ups and downs as well as these toxic chemicals. Some drugs like Xanax are a cla__s D pregnancy risk meaning "There is positive evidence of human fetal risk based on adverse reaction data from investigational or marketing experience or studies in humans". The sooner you put an end to this, the better. Now I hope this doesn't come across as me saying this will be easy to do. I was on Percocet for over half a year and know how easy it is to build up a tolerance. Thankfully I beat that long before I got pregnant. I was also a smoker for over 10 years when I got pregnant. I had tried many times to quit smoking before and while we were trying to conceive but it wasn't until I saw the positive pregnancy test that I was able to quit once and for all. Quitting smoking was a lot harder for me. The one thing that finally helped is that I had to remind myself that alcoholics are still alcoholics even if they don't drink, and gambling addicts are still addicted to gambling even if they don't gamble any more... there isn't just a couple of days or couple of months before you're no longer addicted -- you will always be addicted. It gets easier with each pa__sing day to fight it, but it can still be a fight even years later so never let your guard down. Please do talk to your doctor or a school counsellor about this. Hopefully they will provide the support you need to help you through these trying times. (My own doctor was less than helpful, as I was in chronic pain and he was the one prescribing the pills for me... we were stuck between a rock and a hard place until I was finally diagnosed and cured).


coke78 - December 23

thank you so much for the going to try my hardest to quit instantly becuz all my friends always have them and there around my house alot..i dont take them daily just a few times a week but its like i crave them..but i thank im going to talk to my parents about scared but its for the best


Quantess - December 25

How do you feel about abortion?


Malica - December 25

You need to talk to your friends too. If you're serious about quitting, they have to support you and not give you any more pills -- even when you ask. Trying to quit when there are other users around you will be very difficult. If you're going to make the positive change to quit drugs and become a better person for your potential child, you might need to think long and hard about if these are the type of people you should be hanging around. Good luck, and I really do hope you find the support you need to quit regardless if you're pregnant.



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