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Silly Woman - August 26

I have been having an intense s_xual relationship with one of my managers from work. He is married I am single, and we have been having s_x for about 6 months. It is so intense, we make love everywhere possible, whenever possible (usually at my place, or somewhere at work when we do late shifts together) His wife is 6 months pregnant (i only just found that out) and i am now 10 weeks pregnant. He tells me that he wants to be with me and tells me to keep his baby, but he says he can;t leave his wife untill after she has their baby. Help... I need advice... I have gotten into a messy situation :(


Amy - August 26

Well yes you are right you have got yourself into a messy situation, but whats done is done now. Well firstly I have to say that this guy does not sound like a 'decent' fella - he is already cheating on his pregnant wife, that kind of says a lot about somebody's peronality dont you think! How do you really feel about him? do you want to keep this baby? If you do, can you really see a future for the two of you? Also you need to think about how this will affect his wife with a new born! My honest opinion is that he will not leave his wife once the baby is born so be careful not to go on his word. Do what you feel is best for YOU and your baby! Good luck x


Silly Woman - August 26

Thankyou for your advice Amy. You are right in saying that i need to think about my self and the baby. I do feel for his wife, i have never met her, and only found he was actually married about 2 months into our relationship (well, if you could call it that). I too do not believe that he will leave his wife. He is a very undecent man, and as i type this i actually feel sorry for his wife not knowing whathe is like!!! I guess now i need to end the relationship, difficult with my job, but i need to focus my future and my unborn babies future.


shanon - August 26

yeah you are in a very tough position. i dont think that you should have gotten yourself into a s_xual relationship with a married man, but i guess you cant help that now. anyways, i think that you should end your relationship with this man. he doesnt seem loyal to you or his wife. i dont believe that he will leave his wife so your best bet is to just end the relationship and then do what you feel is right for you. and of course your baby. good luck hunni i hope everything works out for you and your baby


rita - September 18

you are a s___t! a home reckor, get an abortion!!


UNKNOWN - September 19



Bird - September 21

*****CHECK 'RITA'S' RESPONSE, OH SO SUDDENLY PEOPLE ARE SHOUTING ABORTION!!!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE ME LAUGH************* Huni, trust me these men NEVER leave their wife, he'll say that he will and that he can, but he wont. The baby will come out, he'l get all emotional, say that he cant leave her, that she couldnt cope. Or he'll give you the excuse that he'll do it when they baby is a little older, then it'll be i cant leave my child! You gotta do what you feel right, dont do it because of the promises he makes. x


just think - September 23

Don't get an abortion! I understand this is a hard situation... but that doesn't mean you should tak a childs life.


jan - September 30

I cant believe you did this. It is people like you that F___ up other peoples families. Thanks alot.


unknown - September 30

I wish you the best of luck but dont keep this child. You will be raising it alone. The child will pay in the end becouse you have to think about it this way. No matter how much good or bad you talk about the other parent they will be the hero when they walk in the picture years down the road. My mom had an affair and that is how I came along. Well I resent by mother for doing something like that and I am scard to ever get married becouse I dont want to fall in her footsteps and destroy another persons family like she did. I do understand that dad had somethig to do with it to, but mom is the one who had me. Just think about the child when we ask where dad is. And why is my brother older than me and dad has been married since before I was born.


pop goes her weasle - October 8

Title should be "s___tty woman" not silly. Whore. I hope you get yours some day. You have it coming. If you were f*cking my husband, I would enjoy ripping your hair out, then your eyes, then each limb. F*ck OFF.


cakes - October 13

I hate to admit it, but i tend to agree with the people on this site, I had an affair with a married man when i was single and thought it was great, but now that i am married i can't imagine what i was thinking, you need to get rid of this loser guy, it is as much his fault as it is for your being pregnant, don't keep his baby unless you are ready to be a single mom, because he may never leave his wife, and if he does and you end up together, he'll do the same thing to you, and you should look for single men if your going to have a s_xual relationship, or any relationship


Cori - October 13

Your life now is going to have his wife and their child in it as a big part. Even if he doesn't leave his wife, he is still your child's father and this child will be your childs sibiling whether you like it or not. They as sibilings have a right to know about another and see one another. Remember this isn't just about you and him now its about your child.


Brandy - October 13

Hi silly women, yes you have gotten yourself into a messy situation. But the best thing to do is STOP THE RELATIONSHIP NOW! it can only get messier. there is no way of you knowing if he is actually going to leave his wife for you. what you need to do is think about your self and your child because you have responsiblities now. make sure you know what YOU want before do what HE wants. you have to be strong for yourself and you baby now.. all the luck in the world. if you ever need advice we are here.



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