Alcohol Episodes During 3rd Week Scared

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Alice - February 12

I found out I was pregnant relatively early, on the 22nd day after conception. As I was doing my research on the Intenet, I found out that ..” In the embryonic stage: the third postconception week of human pregnancy is considered the critical period for teratogenic actions of alcohol to produce the most severe and characteristic features of FAS. Drinking an average of 3 drinks/daily during the period following conception and just before pregnancy is confirmed, increases the risk of having a FAS child. Occasional drinking during this period did not increase risk.“ What really worries me is that I had three drinking episodes. I had the 4 glasses of wine on the 14th day of pregnancy, 4 glasses on the 17th, and another three glasses on the 18th, i.e. all within this ‘critical period”. In all three instances Iconsumed those drinks while dinning. No more Alcohol after I found out. Could anybody give me some advice as to what the worst case scenario for my baby would be?. I've deeply regretted having those drinking episodes, but my real worry is that I also read on the Internet that even as one or two drinks a day could result in significant structural damage. Thanks in advance for your cooperation


BBK - February 15

Alice don't worry much. Most mothers to be don't know it at the time. There is always a chance, but you stressing over it is probably worse. I don't want to give you worst case scenario, just to tell you that the statistics are in your favor, and most likely everything it fine. I've known two women who drank (a lot more than you) early in their pregnancy, before they knew, and their babies are just fine. Good luck


geri - July 11

hey..i am not sure when you posted this...may be a while ago...i am 20 weeks and VERY nervous..i can't sleep and have nightmares...during week three i was with a friend and we got very drunk...other than that i have only had a few gla__ses of wine here and there...nothing bad at all...but that one time has gotten me very scared...i would love to know how you are doing now and what other info you have read. [email protected]



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