All The Pregnant People On Here

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sophie - March 4

is it unlikly if u had s_x once during ovulation to become pregnant?or has anyone else done this,and got pregnant??thanks xx


Ginger - March 4

Let me tell you a little story. The first day of my period was Oct. 22, and I had s_x once on Nov. 1. My most fertile day would be Nov. 5. I checked my calender after I had s_x and thought I was in the clear. And I am completely honest that I only had s_x that one time. Well, nine months later, I gave birth to a son.


sophie - March 5

thanks ginger!!well hopefully something might happen! baby dust xx


sophie - March 5

what were the signs you had when you were pregnant ginger? before you knew properly?


b - March 7



Ginger - March 7

I was in college having a great time, lots of energy, then one day I showed up for Biology, and I felt like complete c___p. I was very slugish and wanted to crawl back in bed. I was to expect my period on Nov. 19 and really did not think I was pregnant but that day, I was at the store and saw pregnancy tests. I thought to myself that I would take a test to rea__sure me that it was all in my head and that I was just tired. As soon as I peed on the stick, the two lines showed up. I sat there in shock almost like I did not believe. Within two weeks, I had severe morning sickness and decided to go to the doctor to confirm it, which he did. I guess when you do not expect it, it kind of happens on it's own and takes you by suprise. But, defitetly, a sure sign for me is too tired to clean house- Which is what is happening to me right now. I am so tired right now, it is ridiculous and I am starting to wonder if I am pregnant- I will find out soon and let you know.


daniel berber - March 15

hey can you find out if your pregnant on the 4 day i really wana know can some one let me know plz


~S~ - March 15

My first sign was tenderness of my b___bs. I always got sore b___bs just before my period and a few days into my period, but this time I got them well before my expected period. They were extra sore. Whenever I took off my bra it felt like my b___bs were going to crash to the floor, they were soooo heavy. My second symptom was frequent peeing. I didn't clue in at the time, as I thought I was just drinking lots of water at the office, but when my thrid symptom showed up which was exhaustion, I knew it. I felt as though I just finished running a marathon and all I wanted to do for days was sleep. After that, I went to see my doctor and sure enough he told me I was pregnant.


~S~ - March 15

daniel - Do you mean to ask "Can you find out if you're pregnant 4 days after s_x? or 4 days after your missed period? If you mean 4 days after unprotected s_x, no you can't. You need to wait until your next expected period. If you take a test just 4 days after s_x, it won't detect anything because your HGC levels are not as strong. But if you're asking if you can tell 4 days after your missed period, yes you most likely can, although the test result might come back faint. If so, go to your doctor and have them do a test for you. This happened to me, I was only a few days late but I had that feeling. When I took the test it was very, very faint. But it did come back positive .


Ginger - March 15

I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~S~ - March 15

Congratulations Ginger!!!!!


Ginger - March 15

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!



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