Am I Playing The Odds

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Mark - November 7

My girlfriend and I have s_x many times during the week and its pure unprotected s_x. Last year, before all of this started, she explained that she has a rare condition where she doesn't produce eggs as frequent as most girls. She wanted me to c_m inside of her because she wanted me to be happy and she wanted the feel the experience. Well, it's been about a year now and every time we've has s_x, I have fully c_m in her every time, I mean I've gone and filled her up on some occasions. Now I'm reading all of these posts in here about sperm, pregnancy and such and it's got me a bit nervous, am I really playing the odds here? Could she be wrong about her body and that one chance slip through?


s - November 7

the fact that you are writing this means that you know you are taking a risk. of course you are taking a HUGE risk... people who have had vasectomies have gotten their gf/wifes pregnant. and they had their tubes tied. its always a risk of pregnancy whenever you have s_x, no matter what you are using as protection, and even more so if you arent using any protection at all...


Rachel - November 8

One of my friends said she had that condition too, well, yeah, she got pregnant, I think you need to start using condoms...seriously. Also, she never said she DOESN'T produce eggs, she just doesn't produce as many.


Mark - November 8

Well, you have to remember, I'm just another dumb guy in the grand scheme of things. But that info helped alot, or as the saying goes Never Say Never.


Jbear - November 10

I had a coworker with that problem...her son is five months old now. It's pretty risky not using protection with your girlfriend. Most women get to know their bodies and can often tell when they're ovulating...but if it rarely happens for your girlfriend, she might not be able to tell. She could be fertile anytime, instead of the predictable three or four days a month.



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