Am I Strange Or What

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Melissa30 - February 19

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. Since day 1 my s_x drive has been nonexistant. The only thing that really gets me turned on is the thought that one night I might wake up and catch my DH m____eing. I even went so far as to tell him it was my fantasy, to catch him pleasing himself. He told me I was a freak. Does anyone else get turned on by the thought of catching your man red handed or am I really a freak? Please be honest.


babymakes5 - February 19

You are so not alone (or maybe it's just the 2 of us?), but I do the same thing. I even find myself listening to his noises when he's in the other room or at night and then I get really turned on. I'm so glad I'm not alone-lol. I can't believe your dh hasn't taken the hint yet? Or maybe you keep missing him? The only difference with you and I though is that I've had a nonstop s_x drive. It's not uncommon for us to have s_x 3 or 4 times a day, but then sometimes we go a day or two without. For some reason, I just can't seem to get enough. I'm 23 wks today and I've noticed lately that I've been getting dry so I'm not sure if that means my drive is going away too??


julia_m - March 9

i know this post is a little old but you guys are not the only two! my boyfriend finds it wierd as well.


yumymumy - March 10

im the same, and im not even pregnant again-yet. and i think my hubby thinks its weird also


Melissa30 - March 10

I am glad that I am not the only one. Most women I know get angry at the thought of their husband or boyfriend pleasing themselves.


MaryM - March 10

There are lots of articles on the subject. I read that some womens s_x drive increases while others decrease..It's all hormones. And he shouldn't call you a freak for sharing your fantasies. That's what partners are for.


sososleepy - March 11

Wow Melissa, I'm sorry! I don't much care if mine does or not, as long as he does me when I want... (the older you get, the less you want to waste it, ya know?) I'm kind of stunned to read that about a guy; usually the girls have hang-ups, but a guy? LOL, if I ask dh to play alone it means I have a headache or I'm too tired. Mostly. I admit I do enjoy watching him, but before he finishes I'm in the game so to speak if I'm well and awake enough to watch... Private moments in a relationship need to be able to stretch, flex, and grow - not stagnate and stay the same each time.... I think it makes for a much better marriage when new things are added over the years to help keep the interest up. So far it's working for us :)



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