An Embarrassing Question Please Answer

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Mimi - October 26

I'm in my mid 20s and I really would like to have a child some day. I have heard different stories from different women about s_xuality after giving birth. I always wonder if s_x after giving viginal birth would be as pleasurable as before. I'm scared that my body (va___a and br___t especially) would change so dramatically that I would not enjoy being a woman nor njoy s_x any more. I would appreciate any inputs from those who've had children


J. - October 26

That's a great question Mimi, I too would like that answered! I'm sooooo afraid of what my body would look like after having a baby. Are all the horrible things I've heard about stretch marks true? If anyone can answer these questions, it would be appreciated.


Jennifer - October 26

I asked my doctor that same question, he said that if you think you are just the right size then you might not get as much pleasure from s_x, but most women return to their prebirth size within 6 months.


Jodie - October 26

Ive had 2 rather large babies and am currently pregnant with my third, i enjoy s_x alot more now than i did before i had children, maybe its because im with a new man now, but hes always loved my body and ive never had any complaints about being "loose"


1 - October 27

your body parts go back to the same as when you first began. your tummy is a tight as you want it to get. its up to you to get your body and self estem up. 1 month after my first i was in my old jeans again.., and the older you get the horner you get.......:) its all just as good just a little less active because you have a baby crying when you want to get intamet;;; it happens everytime like eating dinner they allways get hungry when moms eating.. its all good, should give your self 2 weeks after birth natural anyhow to have s_x... never had a c section so i am not sure how long to wait..good luck


Jess - October 30

hi i had my first child at age 19 second at 20 and now third at 24. for me s_x has become more pleasurable and more exciting. your b___sts may change a little bit if you don't b___st feed and if you do b___st feed be prepared for smaller saggier b___bs. thats what happened to me. but if the man you are having a baby with really loves you he won't care what you look like and will still see you as a beautiful woman. as for the rest of your body it depends on how hard you work to get back to the size you were before you got pregnant. i was 100 lbs when i got pregnant, went up to 135 lbs during pregnancy and lost it all in three months with no streatch marks. cocoa b___ter creme helps if you put it on every day. hope i helped you out. need any more info let me



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