Another Guy How Do I Tell My Boyfriend

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josey - March 23

i have been with my boyfriend for 18 months and we have been trying to have a baby for 5. A child hood friend came back about 2 months ago and we had s_x. i am pregnate now but i don't know who too. what do i tell my boyfriend


j - March 23

well, do you want him to know. who do you want to be the father? people don't NEED to know the whole truth


rae - March 23

i strongly disagree, you should be truthful, if he cares about you and the baby a lot than he will do what ive seen other great men do and still be there for you both whether it is his or not. but if you dont tell him and he questions after the baby is born and looks nothing like him, and goes to have it tested and finds out the truth, it will hurt A LOT of people, including you and your baby. trust me, even telling him its most likely his but theres just a chance its not, then sure he'll be mad for a bit, but just knowing it might be his will make him come back around. and when its born have it tested because the baby deserves to know its biologial history for medical reasons and such. and let you man know if even if it is not his child if you want him to be this baby's 'daddy' anyway. good luck...


Josey - March 23

my boy friend is white and my other friend is black it was a mistake having s_x with him but i never expected this i love my boy friend but i think if my baby is black he will get aggressive.


rae - March 24

well tell me when your last period was and how long your periods usually are and when you had s_x and i can tell you yours odds of both...


kimi - July 6

just tell him the truth i know it is hard belive it are not the exact same thing happend to me.if he truley and deeply loves you he will listen calmly and understand. if not he's just not the right man for you.if you think he will be aggresive about it and posibly violent bring a friend with you when you tell him or go to a public place. if you or anyone else needs help or advice with anything else please e mail me i am just here to help its what i love to do. my e mail is [email protected]


jamaoum - July 6

i like to have girlfriend to do s_x



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