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georgiad - February 3

Did any of you "accidently" get pregnant? My husband wants to wait another year until we start trying to have a baby. Hes too stubborn to convince! I can't wait another year! I'm not on birth control, we use condoms. I know I can talk to him, we have talked plenty about the issue. Anyone have any tricks I don't know about. We're 30 and definitly ready! My sister told me to poke a hole in the I'd feel to guilty though and plus wouldn't my husband notice?


SaraH - February 3

You should not deceive your husband. A marriage needs to be trust worthy and what you're talking about is extremely deceptive. As much as you don't want to wait, "forcing" a baby on your dh is not the way to go. Keep talking to him but honestly you have to wait to have a baby until you are both ready not just one of you. You say "we're 30 and defiantly ready" but it doesn't sound like your dh thinks he's ready yet. I understand your desire but deception is not the way to have a child. You want to bring your child into a strong trusting family..."accidently" getting pregnant is not the way to go. I do wish you luck though in convincing your dh to have a baby sooner raither then later.


AmericanReject - February 3

hun i'll tell you the and my fiancee are getting married in may and i wanted a baby for a really long time...i mean i've waited and waited like everyone said..i mean i was fifteen when i wanted a baby but i resisted and finished high school now i'm eighteen and i tried poking a hole in the condom..i was afraid he would hate me and find out so i did it another way..i decided to take his s____n out of the condom when we were done..and put it in with an eyedropper..yeah i know...deciteful...well dont worry..i didn't get pregnant and i decided i didn't want my baby to be born that i sat down and i told him what i did...he was shocked..but after a long discussion he fargave were trying for a baby..together...and he wants a little girl as much as me..this is our second dit feels better knowing my baby wasn't conceived the other just sit down and have a nice long chat about it...make a list of pros and cons and deiced if you can afford we will all work love eachother..i knowit will work out


georgiad - February 3

I'm not saying that I'm going to. We've been together for 10 years (married for 4) and he always jokes around that I'm going to get pregnant by poking a hole in the condom that he puts on. His main problem is that hes afraid our s_x will turn into a "needing a baby" act and won't be as good as "having fun intimate s_x". He even told me that the best way for me to get pregnant is to go on birth control and than stop taking it (so he doesnt know). Hes weird like that! We own a house both have great jobs with great salarys. The only way I will get pregnant is if he hasn't planned it with me. I just wish someone else out there understood what I'm going through and that I'm not trying to deceive him.


AmericanReject - February 4

well hun i'm really trying to understna here...maybe i'm just not gettin it..if you wanna email me...then we can talk about it more... its nanajua at so talk to you soon



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